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BBC News: Why are so many Japanese men refusing to leave their rooms?
The BBC interviews Tamaki Saito, author of HIKIKOMORI.
Bea Ojakangas: Welcome to My Kitchen
Cookbook author Ojakangas gives a six-part special cooking series, complete with wonderful recipes and great kitchen tips and life lessons.
Bears, Dolphins and the Animal Stories We Tell
Kathy Rudy's LOVING ANIMALS reviewed in The New York Times.
Beatrice | Life Stories #76: Kelly Cogswell
Interview with the author of EATING FIRE
Beatrice Ojakangas on her big Finnish family, pizza rolls
Ojakangas, author of HOMEMADE plus 29 cookbooks, talks with WTIP. Introducing Stig Dagerman
Laurie Thompson discusses Stig Dagerman's newest publication from University of Minnesota Press, ISLAND OF THE DOOMED, for
"Beautifully written chronology of caregiving.": No Saints Around Here
The Caregiver's Voice reviews 'No Saints Around Here' by Susan Allen Toth
Becoming Analogical: Simondon's Two Lessons on Animal and Man.
Review in Cultural Theory.
Becoming Integral: Alien Phenomenology
Becoming Integral (blog) offers favorite quotes from Ian Bogost's new book.
Bank Street College of Education names BEGIN WITH A BEE a Best Children's Book of the Year
Begin with a Bee, by Liza Ketchum, Jacqueline Briggs Martin, and Phyllis Root, with illustrations by Claudia McGehee, has been named one of Bank Street College of Education's best children's books of the year in the five-to-ten-year-old age range. 
Ben Mankiewicz's 6 favorite books
TENDER COMRADES chosen as must-read particularly during Oscars season.
Bepa's Garden on Turn Here Sweet Corn
Atina Diffley's memoir on organic farming finds another doting fan.
Best to Laugh: "Poignant and laugh-out-loud funny"
Review in Star Tribune.
BET: C. Riley Snorton is 1 of 10 Transgender People You Should Know
Snorton is author of NOBODY IS SUPPOSED TO KNOW.
BET News: New Book Highlights Black Panther Party’s Radical Healthcare Activism
Author Alondra Nelson says the Panthers's history of healthcare activism is an inspiration for all people.
Beth Dooley: Eating locally by the seasons
The Mix features Beth Dooley and her cookbook, THE NORTHERN HEARTLAND KITCHEN.
Beth Dooley offers turkey tips on MPR
Beth Dooley, author of THE NORTHERN HEARTLAND KITCHEN, talks with MPR about how to eat local this Thanksgiving.
Beth Dooley on Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know?
Dooley, author of MINNESOTA'S BOUNTY, in front of a live audience at Big Top Chautauqua, Bayfield, WI.
Beth Dooley's cranberry sorbet recipe
Chef Jeff from the Grand Forks Herald features this recipe that also appears in Dooley's cookbook THE NORTHERN HEARTLAND KITCHEN.
Bethany Wiggin discusses climate stories on UPenn 'Understand This' podcast
In the latest episode of Penn Today’s ‘Understand This …’ podcast series, Bethany Wiggin of the School of Arts & Sciences and Jennifer Pinto-Martin of the School of Nursing discuss climate stories, climate grief, and climate literacy.
Better Dead Than Alive? 'The Inconvenient Indian' Takes a Seriously Funny Look at Native History
Indian Country Today Media Network reviews Thomas King's latest book.
Between Green Paris and Immigrant Paris: The Politics of the Jardins d’Éole
Through research with residents, activists, and urban planners, Andrew Newman weaves together a detailed ethnography of grassroots mobilization with a structural analysis of neoliberal urbanism.
Beyond Chron
Review of Cyclescapes of the Unequal City by John G. Stehlin
Beyond Chron: Lessons from Barbara Brenner
The entries are short – but each packs a powerful punch.
Beyond data collection — the social and political effects of environmental sensor proliferation
Jennifer Gabrys spoke with Mongabay about emerging technical applications, their deployments in the field and cultural implications of an ever more “wired up” planet.
Beyond Science Fiction
Shepherd Express reviews Science Fiction and Extro-Science Fiction by Quentin Meillassoux.
Beyond the Body: Arthur Kroker's Body Drift
Discussion on Roy Christopher's blog.
BeyondChron: Did Obama Fail Urban America?
As James DeFilippis, editor of an important new book, Urban Policy in the Time of Obama, puts it, Obama’s urban initiatives were “all fairly small, modestly funded, and low profile.”
BeyondChron: Plan to Drive Working-Class Blacks out of New Orleans Preceded Katrina
A review of DRIVEN FROM NEW ORLEANS by John (Jay) Arena.
#BGNPodcast Extra with andré carrington
The discussion is centered around the depiction of people of color within the genre and how the intersections of race, gender, class, and sexuality are represented.