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The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts: Theory for the World to Come
Review of Theory for the World to Come by Matthew J. Wolf-Meyer
To the Best of Our Knowledge: The Alchemy of Meth
Interview with Jason Pine author of The Alchemy of Meth
Literary Hub: Olav Audunssøn
Mention of Olav Audunssøn by Sigrid Undset
Tanja Bauerle: One Summer Up North
Review of One Summer Up North by John Owens
Black Agenda Report Book Forum with Liat Ben-Moshe
I hope that disability rights movements understand how pathologization is deeply connected to racialization, criminalization and white supremacy. I hope that this unlearning leads to more intersectional analysis and struggles for liberation. 
New Books Network: Acid Revival
Interview with Danielle Giffort author of Acid Revival
Shepherd Express
Review of Listening by Jonathan Cott
Duluth News Tribune: Tell Me Your Names and I will Testify
Mention of Tell Me Your Names and I Will Testify by Carolyn Holbrook
Lavender: Isherwood in Transit
Review of Isherwood in Transit edited by James J. Berg and Chris Freeman
Publishers Weekly: One Summer Up North
Review of One Summer Up North by John Owens
Critical Inquiry: Hermeneutics can still be a site where politics occurs at its most minute yet prolific.
A rich account of postsocialist intellectual history as well as a nuanced study of film and literary works that have thus far received scant attention, Information Fantasies also gestures at new directions for future Chinese film and media studies. Among its several achievements is the identification of TV, rather than cinema, as the medium central to the popular imagination of information platforms and digital convergence. This observation joins recent scholarship such as Thomas Lamarre’s study of Japanese anime and its televisual distribution in enlarging a field previously focused on cinematic representations.
Waking Brain Cells: The Shared Room
Review of The Shared Room by Kao Kalia Yang and Illustrated by Xee Reiter
Liat Ben-Moshe on Rising Up With Sonali
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors recently voted unanimously to close the notorious LA Men’s Central Jail – part of the largest jail system in the country that prison abolition activists have often dubbed the nation’s largest psychiatric ward. A whopping 20% of inmates have struggled with mental illness in what may be the strongest indication of the intersection of disability and incarceration. Now a new book tackles how the discourse on mass incarceration needs to be centered on disability.
National Alliance on Mental Health Podcast: Fix What You Can
Interview with Mindy Greiling, author of Fix What You Can
Stereogum: Bring That Beat Back
Excerpt from Bring That Beat Back by Nate Patrin
Rhizomes: The Technique of Thought
Review of The Technique of Thought by Ian James
Rhizomes: Disconnect
Review of Disconnect by Tero Karppi
Lambda Literary: Isherwood in Transit
Mention of Isherwood in Transit edited by James J. Berg and Chris Freeman
PBS NewsHour: Black on Both Sides
Mention of Black on Both Sides by C. Riley Snorton
StarTribune: The Streel
Interview with Mary Logue author of The Streel
Pioneer Press: Surgical Renaissance in the Heartland
Article on Surgical Renaissance in the Heartland by Henry Buchwald
Los Angeles Review of Books: The Eloquent Screen
Review of The Eloquent Screen by Gilberto Perez
Mystery Scene: The Streel
Review of The Streel by Mary Logue
Hakai: Red Gold
Op-ed article from Red Gold author Jennifer Telesca
Bookology: The Shared Room
Interview with The Shared Room author Kao Kalia Yang
Rock and Roll Book Club: Bring That Beat Back
Interview with Bring That Beat Back author Nate Patrin
USA Today: Vacationland
Mention of Vacationland by Sarah Stonich
Places: The Metabolist Imagination
Excerpt from The Metabolist Imagination by William O. Gardner
Scratched Vinyl: Bring That Beat Back
Review of Bring That Beat Back by Nate Patrin
Minnesota Women's Press: Magical Realism for Non-Believers
Interview with Anika Fajardo author of Magical Realism for Non-Believers

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