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Book review: Out of the Vinyl Deeps
Trenchant writings on music and culture from The New Yorker's first pop critic
Book Riot: 10 Queer Books from Indie Presses You Definitely Don't Want to Miss This Year
These ten upcoming indie press books are just ten of the many I can’t wait to get my hands on. This list reflects my personal interests, so it’s heavily weighted toward contemporary fiction and hybrid nonfiction. But no matter what kind of queer book you’re craving, I guarantee you’ll find something here to fall in love with. These ten books are a great representation of just how varied queer lit from indie presses is.
Book Riot: The 100 Most Influential Queer Books of All Time
Snorton's book is lauded for being a crucial contribution into the work of queer and trans narratives.
Book Riot: The Most Successful Book Thief in American History
The recently-released The Last Bookseller: A Life in the Rare Book Trade also includes a portion dedicated to author Gary Goodman’s encounter with Blumberg.
Book talk video: Indigenous Politics
J. Kēhaulani Kauanui talks about the new book she edited. It's subtitled "Conversations with Activists, Scholars and Tribal Leaders" The conversations are talks with fascinating people about settler colonialism in the U.S., Palestine and elsewhere. The book talk took place in the Wesleyan B. Dalton bookstore (Middletown CT) in October 2018.
Book trailer of the month: Frozen
Arrowhead Library System Blog chooses Mary Casanova's FROZEN trailer as book trailer of the month.
Bookapotamus: The Silver Box
Review of The Silver Box by Margi Preus and the Enchantment Lake Series
Bookforum: A constellation of books that teach us to reimagine the present
Leanne Betasamosake Simpson's syllabus for Bookforum. The works below can teach us how to encounter them if we pay attention. These writings refuse whiteness and colonialism by breaking open space, making room for worlds otherwise. This is world-building work, and these books’ exploratory nature makes them similar, in some sense, to speculative fiction. But these texts arise from and are rooted in the lived experiences of Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples. The worlds they envision allow us to see the present—and the past—anew, and are life-giving precisely because they refuse the efforts by white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, and capitalism to undermine them. They offer a study on how to read, or how to read differently, or perhaps how to listen.
Bookforum interview with Kai Bosworth: "What the People Want"
Extending the horizon of environmentalist politics beyond public participation, scientific expertise, and a regulatory state is both possible and necessary for a decolonial climate movement. 
Bookforum review of Stories from Jonestown
"For perhaps the first time, we hear the voices of the Temple instead of seeing the casualties."
Bookkaholic: No Saints around Here
Review of Susan Allen Toth's book.
Booklist: Death Sentences
Booklist reviews Kawamata Chiaki's DEATH SENTENCES.
Booklist: On the Run in Siberia
ON THE RUN IN SIBERIA by Rane Willerslev is Booklist's Review of the Day.
Booklist: Swede Hollow
Review of Swede Hollow by Ola Larsmo from Booklist
Booklist: Written by avid canoeists
This richly illustrated history will entrance any—and they are many—who have taken a paddle in hand.
Booknotes: Families Apart
The Feminist Librarian reviews Geraldine Pratt's FAMILIES APART: Migrant Mothers and the Conflicts of Labor and Love.
Bookology: Bim, Bam, Bop . . . and Oona
Poor Oona—she’s always the last duck to the pond…. But then her frog friend Roy reminds her: you’re good with gizmos… And so Oona the duck goes to work in the barn on her gizmos, pouring her creative and determined self into getting to the pond before the faster ducks.
Bookology: Johnny's Pheasant
Interview with Cheryl Minnema, author of Johnny's Pheasant
Bookology: One North Star, Three Creative Artists
Interview with Phyllis Root, Betsy Bowen, and Beckie Prange.
Bookology: The Shared Room
Interview with The Shared Room author Kao Kalia Yang
Books and Bad Habits: I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts
Blog review of Mark Dery's collection of essays on cultural criticism.
Books & Culture: The Thoughtbook of F. Scott Fitzgerald
A portrait of the artist as teenager.
Books du Jour: a memoir of blood, sweat and spit.
Kelly Cogswell (EATING FIRE) guest stars.
Books every designer should own: Chroma
Salon lists CHROMA by Derek Jarman among its "meatier" books every designer should own.
Books for birdwatchers
Devoted to birds: Minnesota’s importance to birds and birders cannot be overstated.
Books & Ideas feature on Alondra Nelson
Books & Ideas interviews Alondra Nelson, author of BODY AND SOUL, on race and health in America.
Books that revisit Minnesota's political past
MinnPost reviews three books, including Tom Berg's MINNESOTA'S MIRACLE.
Books with Greatness in Them
Zeteo includes Univocal Publishing's BIOGEA in its list of books with greatness in them.
BookSexy on Death Sentences
"The University of Minnesota Press has put out a beautiful edition, taking the time to include a good amount of scholarly material."
Bookslut: Accessorizing the Body
Bookslut reviews ACCESSORIZING THE BODY, the first book in UMP's Habits of Being series, edited by Cristina Giorcelli and Paula Rabinowitz.