Bethany Wiggin discusses climate stories on UPenn 'Understand This' podcast

In the latest episode of Penn Today’s ‘Understand This …’ podcast series, Bethany Wiggin of the School of Arts & Sciences and Jennifer Pinto-Martin of the School of Nursing discuss climate stories, climate grief, and climate literacy.

Humanists, scientists, and artists collaborate to address the disjunctive temporalities of ecological crisisJoining for the conversation in this episode is Jennifer Pinto-Martin, the Viola MacInnes/Independence Professor of Nursing in the School of Nursing, professor of epidemiology in the Perelman School of Medicine, and executive director of the Center for Public Health Initiatives. In conversation with Pinto-Martin is Bethany Wiggin, an associate professor of German in the School of Arts & Sciences, as well as founding director of the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities and the My Climate Story project. Together, they discuss the importance of sharing stories about climate change's impacts on people and places, the push for climate literacy, and how climate anxiety and grief affects children.

Listen to the podcast at PennToday.