"Beautifully written chronology of caregiving.": No Saints Around Here

The Caregiver's Voice reviews 'No Saints Around Here' by Susan Allen Toth

No Saints Around Here by Susan Allen TothA beautifully written chronology of caregiving by Susan Allen Toth during the last months of her husband’s life with Parkinson’s.

Fellow caregivers will appreciate Toth’s humility in her title–No Saints. So often caregivers (this reviewer included) question whether we’re doing enough. No matter how exhausted, we feel we could do a bit more.

Yet, the author-caregiver has the wisdom to find some balance amidst her exhausting ’round-the-clock care for her beloved husband, James whose Parkinson’s leaves him less able to do things for himself. She asks for help, so she can get out for a couple hours. Oftentimes, she races back home after answering an urgent call. She learns to balance “more” with “less.”

Toth’s writing is engaging and invites the reader to glide comfortably along the pages that make up the short chapters. This is ideal for the busy caregiver who’s trying to gain some insight from reading about someone else’s experience while managing his/her own.

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Published in: The Caregiver's Voice
By: Brenda Avadian, MA