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ASEBL Journal: Dialogues
A powerful and welcome manifesto advocating for the extraordinary mental and social capabilities of apes to integrate themselves into the human cultural community.
Asha Nadkarni: "I'm really talking about a specific brand of nationalist feminism that insists women should have rights within the nation based on their ability to reproduce."
NBn (New Books from the University of Massachusetts) interviews the author of EUGENIC FEMINISM.
asianamlitfans on The American Dream in Vietnamese
Review of Nhi T. Lieu's The American Dream in Vietnamese
asianamlitfans on Yellow Future
Review of Yellow Future by Jane Chi Hyun Park
Assuming the Ecosexual Position in ecoartscotland
BD Owens reviews ‘Assuming the Ecosexual Position’ by Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle
ASU News discussion with Ron Broglio: Are animals really in revolt?
ANIMAL REVOLUTION takes a hard look at real-life incidents of animals crossing boundaries between their world and humans' – from reports of radioactive boar invading towns to jellyfish disarming battleships. And it couldn't be more timely.
At the Edge of Canada: A Third University Is Possible
Interview with K. Wayne Yang
Atina Diffley on Food Sleuth Radio
Diffley discusses her memoir TURN HERE SWEET CORN with Melinda Hemmelgarn.
Atina Diffley on Iowa Public Radio
Through high winds and hail, dry years and wet, and through the pressures of development and corporate interests Atina Diffley and her husband Martin ran one of the first certified organic produce farms in the Midwest.
Atina Diffley on WTIP: North Shore Community Radio
Atina Diffley discusses local food production and her memoir TURN HERE SWEET CORN with Buck on The Roadhouse.
Aufhebunga Bunga podcast: The Worst Class ft. Catherine Liu
Catherine Liu joins us to talk about the worst class in history (the PMC), and how and why they hoard all forms of secularised value. We discuss the development of the PMC as a class, figure out when it stopped being "heroic", and debate who the PMC'S leader might be. We conclude by asking whether the Left needs the PMC (or vice versa?).
Auguries for the Experienced: 'Diane Arbus's 1960's: Auguries of Experience'
PopMatters reviews Frederick Gross's book.
Austin Chronicle: How to Do Things with Videogames
The Austin Chronicle reviews Ian Bogost's book HOW TO DO THINGS WITH VIDEOGAMES
Australian Art Review on Denise Green biography
How do you forge and sustain an international career as a painter (develop a personal language, survive economic ups and downs, secure exhibitions, attract collectors) and — here’s the tricky bit — do it alone, outside the gallery system?
Australian Broadcast Corporation: Archaeologies of Touch
Interview with David Parisi, author of Archaeologies of Touch
Author feature: William Durbin
Interview in the Hibbing Daily Tribune.
Author finds Vikings legacy in today's America
Eric Dregni, author of VIKINGS IN THE ATTIC, interviewed in the Barrington Courier-Review.
Author Frances Guerin on ROROTOKO
Frances Guerin, author of THROUGH AMATEUR EYES: Film and Photography in Nazi Germany, discusses her book on ROROTOKO.
Author Julia Lee on The Treatment
Author Julia Lee joins Elvis Mitchell to discuss how an American children's television show from the 1920's attempted to transcend racism in her book Our Gang: A Racial History of "The Little Rascals."
Author Spotlight: Karen Babine explores how natural places shape our lives features Karen Babine's 'Water and What We Know'
Autostraddle: A Story of Women’s Land and the Midwestern Lesbians Who Loved It (and Each Other)
Review of Dianna Hunter's WILD MARES.
Baby Boomer Memoir recommends Peter Smith
Baby Boomer Memoir (a blog) recommends Peter Smith's A CAVALCADE OF LESSER HORRORS.
Bad Thoughts & The Politics Of The Polysyllabic: An Interview With Mark Dery
Mark Dery shares some of his fascinations as an extension of his new book of essays, I MUST NOT THINK BAD THOUGHTS, with ACCELER8OR.
Baltimore gay rappers are loud and proud
Lester Spence (STARE IN THE DARKNESS) weighs in on hip-hop's homophobia.
'Bamako Sounds is undoubtedly the most intelligent book I’ve read about contemporary Bamako in general, and its music scene in particular.'
Bridges from Bamako blog reviews Ryan Skinner's book.
Barbara Fister: 'An eerie journey into small-town Norway and into its darker past'
On THE DEVIL'S WEDDING RING: "As in the Minnesota Trilogy, Vidar Sundstøl is inspired by landscapes and history."
Barbara Fister's September Pick: The Land of Dreams
"After reading the first, I’m impatient to read the rest." (Review cross-posted on Scandinavian Crime Fiction.)
BATMAN SAVES THE CONGO included in Washington Post African Politics Summer Reading Spectacular
The African Politics Summer Reading Spectacular is back for its ninth year!
Bawbee Books: One Summer Up North
Review of One Summer Up North by John Owens
BBC News: Why are so many Japanese men refusing to leave their rooms?
The BBC interviews Tamaki Saito, author of HIKIKOMORI.