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Literary Hub: Letters from Tove
Excerpt of Letters from Tove by Tove Jansson
Superior Reads: Fishing!
Review of Fishing! by Sarah Stonich
ARLIS/NA: Avant Garde in the Cornfields
Review of Avant-Garde in the Cornfields edited by Ben Nicholson and Michelangelo Sabatino
Electric Literature: Letters from Tove
Winter reading list that includes Letters from Tove by Tove Jansson
H-Net: The Rent of Form
Review of The Rent of Form by Pedro Fiori Arantes
Kirkus Reviews: The Streel
Review of The Streel by Mary Logue
SVT: Brave Enough
Interview with Jessie Diggins, author of Brave Enough
Stillwater Gazette: Brave Enough
Book launch mention for Brave Enough by Jessie Diggins
StarTribune: Birds in Minnesota
Review of Birds in Minnesota by Robert B. Janssen
Psychology Today: What God Is Honored Here?
Interview with Shannon Gibney and Kao Kalia Yang, editors of What God Is Honored Here?
WPR: Laurentian Divide
Chapter a Day, part of WPR will be reading Laurentian Divide by Sarah Stonich on their program beginning on March 2
Hibbing Daily Tribune: Professor Berman
Review of Professor Berman by Hy Berman with Jay Weiner
The New Yorker: An Ecotopian Lexicon
Review of An Ecotopian Lexicon, edited by Brent Ryan Bellamy and Matthew Schneider-Mayerson
Publishers Weekly: The Streel
Starred review of The Streel by Mary Logue
Minnesota Monthly: Brave Enough
Q&A with Jessie Diggins for her forthcoming memoir, Brave Enough
The Ormsby Review: The Fourth World
Review of The Fourth World by George Manuel and Michael Posluns
Wesleyan Blog: Silent Cells
Blog post on Silent Cells by Anthony Ryan Hatch
Academe: Living on Campus
Review of Living on Campus by Carla Yanni
The Architect's Newspaper: Living on Campus
Review of Living on Campus by Carla Yanni
CityLab: The Alchemy of Meth
Review of Jason Pine's The Alchemy of Meth on CityLab
Twin Cities Geek: Speculative Blackness
Feature of Speculative Blackness by André M. Carrington
Truthout: Standing with Standing Rock
Interview with Jaskiran Dhillon and Nick Estes, editors of Standing with Standing Rock
Pioneer Press: Walking the Old Road
Review of Walking the Old Road by Staci Lola Drouillard
Leonardo Reviews: Nazi Exhibition Design and Modernism
Review of Nazi Exhibition Design and Modernism by Michael Tymkiw
Places: Happiness by Design
Excerpt of Happiness by Design by Justus Nieland
Nowhere: South American Journals
Excerpt from South American Journals by Allen Ginsberg
Truthout: Standing with Standing Rock
Excerpt from Standing with Standing Rock, edited by Jaskiran Dhillon and Nick Estes
The Morning Show: The Alchemy of Meth
Interview with Jason Pine, author of The Alchemy of Meth
Rising Up: Uproarious
Interview with Cynthia Willett, co-author of Uproarious
Against the Grain: Subprime Health
Interview with Nadine Ehlers, editor of Subprime Health

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