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The University of Minnesota Press is in sympathy and solidarity with the grieving family of Daunte Wright, killed by police during a traffic stop near Minneapolis on Sunday, April 11, 2021, and acknowledges the trauma and fear experienced by the Black members of our community today and every day. In order for our world to be more equitable and just, we must all be a part of dismantling white supremacy in its many forms, including and especially racial profiling. In the shadow of the Derek Chauvin trial, we affirm, once again and always: BLACK LIVES MATTER.
The University of Minnesota Press is pleased to announce the publication of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-3 (MMPI-3). This is the first full revision of the test since the late 1980s and features a new, nationally representative normative sample, selected to match the 2020 US census projections for race and ethnicity, education, and age.


Archie Davies, translator of For a New Geography by Milton Santos, joins New Books in Geography for a discussion of the book.
To say that a work of queer theory like The Shapes of Fancy “reads like queer theory” may seem redundant, but it captures something about the aesthetics of Varnado’s vivacious, rolling—even insatiable—prose, and her productively askew orientation toward early modernity and the reigning analytic protocols and interpretive habits of early modern sexuality studies.
"I hope this book will invite reflection on the workings of identification and desire that animate its readers in the act of reading it, and I hope it will incite larger questions about where exactly desire, or queerness, inheres in any text or cultural object."


When: 2023-02-06T11:00:00-06:00
K. Allison Hammer, author of MASCULINITY IN TRANSITION, will join the University of Giessen on Monday, February 6, as a guest lecturer in the "Decolonizing Knowledge, Introducing Diversity Studies and Inclusion" series.
When: 2023-02-07T18:00:00-06:00
Rachael Hanel will join the Henderson Library on Tuesday, January 17 to celebrate the launch of her new book, NOT THE CAMILLA WE KNEW.
When: 2023-02-08T19:00:00-06:00
David Mura will join the Minnesota Humanities Center for the launch of his new book, THE STORIES WHITENESS TELLS ITSELF, as part of their Minnesota Writers Series on Wednesday, February 8.