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Press Contacts

Heather Skinner
Publicist and Assistant Marketing Manager
Phone: (612) 301-1932
Emily Hamilton
Assistant Director for Book Publishing
Phone: (612) 301-1936

Press Releases

Dec 04, 2019
Eburne is the author of 'Outsider Theory: Intellectual Histories of Unorthodox Ideas'
Aug 07, 2019
Pennywark is from Stanford University Press.
Leah Pennywark is the new University of Minnesota Press humanities editor. She starts August 26.
Jun 06, 2019

Press Clips

Nov 07, 2019
Interview with Jay Weiner for Professor Berman with Cathy Wurzer on MPR
Oct 22, 2019
Electric Literature
Review of What God Is Honored Here? from Electric Literature
Oct 20, 2019
History and review of The Lost Brothers by Jack El-Hai from the StarTribune