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BGSU News: Kinney book looks at Detroit through lens of popular culture
Detroit, once a mecca for those looking for a good job and a better life, is now seen by some as what Dr. Rebecca J. Kinney calls a “beautiful wasteland.” A wasteland because of the perception of its postindustrial devastation, and beautiful because of its potential to rise like a phoenix from its ashes to reclaim its place among the country’s great cities. But who will this gleaming new city be for?
BGSU scholar Rebecca Kinney dissects the myth of Detroit’s death & resurrection
Rebecca Kinney only realized she should write about her hometown of Detroit when she was living to the West Coast.
Bibliosaurus Text reviews Stories from Jonestown
Review of Leigh Fondakowski's new book.
Biden appoints Aimi Hamraie to U.S. Access Board
Dr. Aimi Hamraie (they/them) is a disabled designer and scholar, with expertise in architectural and digital media accessibility. They are the author of Building Access: Universal Design and the Politics of Disability (University of Minnesota Press, 2017), a history of the Universal Design movement and accessibility standards in the United States.
Biographile: 6 Biographical Windows Into New York City’s Art and Music Scene
Including Ellen Willis's BEGINNING TO SEE THE LIGHT.
Birdman of Lauderdale review of Twelve Owls
TWELVE OWLS by Laura Erickson and Betsy Bowen reviewed on this ornithology blog.
Birdman of Lauderdale reviews Hawk Ridge
"Delightful, informative and humorous."
Bitch magazine: Dykes, direct action, and eating fire
Review of Kelly Cogswell's EATING FIRE
Bitch Media: 10 Essential Books About Writing
Written in a bare, stream-of-consciousness style, these five essays are masterful.
Bitch Media: Purity in a Trumped-Up World
A conversation with AGAINST PURITY author Alexis Shotwell.
Bitch Radio: Unravelling the Pink Ribbon
Bitch Radio screens PINK RIBBONS, INC., the documentary based on the book by the same name by Samantha King.
Bjørn Ekeberg for IAI News: "The Delusions of Cosmology"
The idea that the universe started with a Big Bang is a key tenet of the standard model of cosmology. But that model is a lot less scientific than it’s taken to be.
Black Agenda Report Book Forum with Liat Ben-Moshe
I hope that disability rights movements understand how pathologization is deeply connected to racialization, criminalization and white supremacy. I hope that this unlearning leads to more intersectional analysis and struggles for liberation. 
Black Gate reviews Styrbiorn the Strong
E. R. Eddison's STYRBIORN THE STRONG tells the story of Styrbiorn Olaffson, teenage heir to the throne of Sweden. Denied his birthright and exiled from Sweden, Styrbiorn spends three years a-viking, during which his power and influence waxes mightily.
Black Perspectives interview with Anthony Ryan Hatch
Hatch: I wrote it for the millions of people, especially Black people, who struggle to maintain good metabolic health.
Black Perspectives: The Anti-Black City
An interview with Jaime Amparo Alves.
Black Perspectives: The Education of Black Boys
Review of BLACK BOYS APART by Freeden Blume Oeur.
Black Press USA: Hope in the Struggle
Review of Josie Johnson's memoir, Hope in the Struggle, from Black Press USA
Blogcritics book review: I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts
Blogcritics reviews Mark Dery's new book.
Blogcritics book review: Island of the Doomed by Stig Dagerman
For Dante hell was a series of descending circles, for Sartre it was a room without exit, for Stig Dagerman it is a deserted island on which seven shipwrecked survivors find themselves stranded waiting for death.
Blogcritics book review: Saint Genet
Jean-Paul Sartre's SAINT GENET is "far from what would be called a biography."
Blogcritics book review: Taking Place
TAKING PLACE: Location and the Moving Image is edited by John David Rhodes and Elena Gorfinkel.
BlogCritics review: Fool for Love
"If you're looking for an analysis of how the writer's life and personality, his psychological make-up affected his writing, this is the book you want."
Blogcritics review: Marguerite Duras's Writing
Writing is a stream of consciousness collection of essays by French author and film director Marguerite Duras, best known for her novel The Lover and her screenplay for the film Hiroshima Mon Amour.
Blogcritics reviews Stories from Jonestown
"There are some voices that have remained unheard through all of this time."
Blogger review: Myths of the Rune Stone
"A thoughtful examination of the competing claims of Nordic-Americans, Catholics, Christian fundamentalists, and Minnesotans . . . a rewarding reading experience."
Blogging death, and searching for meaning in a painful decline
The National Book Review on We Know How This Ends (Bruce Kramer and Cathy Wurzer).
Body and Soul review in Publishers Weekly
Publishers Weekly reviews Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight against Medical Discrimination by Alondra Nelson.
Bogost reviewed in Creative Applications
Ian Bogost's HOW TO DO THINGS WITH VIDEOGAMES is reviewed by @serial_consign for Creative Applications Network.
BoingBoing: It's about Time: Reading Steampunk's Rise and Roots
Excerpt from LIKE CLOCKWORK, edited by Rachel Bowser and Brian Croxall.