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Test Division


The Press invites proposals from non-student investigators for research and development on the MMPI-2-RF, the MMPI-2, the MMPI-A-RF, and the MMPI-A. 

Only one proposal per investigator will be considered, unless the Press has expressly invited specific proposals for product development. 

Priority will be given to studies that:

  • address test use with active-duty and veteran military personnel
  • predict outcomes in employment screening
  • assess risk assessment in forensic settings
  • assess invalid responding in forensic settings
  • predict treatment process or outcome of psychological, psychiatric, or medical treatments
  • assessment of psychopathy
  • study the MMPI-2-RF with diverse populations: age, gender, race, ethnicity 
  • validate the MMPI-A-RF in a variety of settings and with a number of different criterion measures. In addition to replicating the findings reported in the A-RF manual (psychiatric inpatient, residential treatment, and forensic settings) with similar or expanded criterion measures, data should be collected in medical, neuropsychological, outpatient mental health, and school settings. Archival data studies with adequate criterion measures will also be considered.
  • assess underreporting/faking good with the MMPI-2-RF
  • further validate the Spanish language translations of the MMPI-2 and the MMPI-2-RF

Note: Data sets owned by the University and maintained at Kent State University may be available for some prioritized projects.

These have been identified as research priorities. However, we do not wish to discourage the submission of proposals in other areas that investigators have an interest in exploring.            

The Press invites proposals for:

  • exploration of item-level and scale-level improvements of the MMPI-2-RF
  • field-data collection for the MMPI-2-RF-EX in English and Spanish

Requests should be submitted on the attached forms: 

  • Request for Research Funding (Word | PDF)
  • Request for Product Development Funding (Word | PDF) 

In completing the forms, please provide thorough and detailed responses. Requests will be formally reviewed by the Test Division’s Advisory Board as to the quality of the proposal and the importance of the proposed research/development. The advisors will be asked to comment on the strengths and/or weaknesses of new proposals and on the progress reported on requests for renewal funding of previously supported research. 

Please submit requests using the above downloadable forms, to Tami Brown, Test Division Contracts/Permissions Coordinator, at by no later than Monday, April 16, 2018.


If you received funding in 2017-2018 from the Press, please submit progress and expenditure reports using the downloadable forms found below, to Tami Brown, Test Division Contracts/Permissions Coordinator at by the following dates:

  • Research Progress Report:  Friday April 13, 2018
   Word  | PDF
  • Product Development Progress Report: 
Friday April 13, 2018
   Word  | PDF

  • Expenditure Reports: Thursday June 29, 2018
   Word  | PDF

The Press annually invites proposals from non-student investigators on the MMPI-2-RF, the MMPI-2, the MMPI-A-RF, and the MMPI-A.  Progress reports must be received before funding requests for 2018/2019 are considered. 

In the first quarter of each calendar year, an invitation is issued on the University of Minnesota Press Test Division web page for the submission of funding requests for research and product development on the tests the Press publishes. This announcement provides details about the funding available, the process by which requests are to be submitted, and the research and product development priorities that have been set for the next fiscal year (beginning July 1) by the Advisory Board in consultation with the Press.  

An overview of funded proposals for Fiscal Year 2018 (July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018) for research and product development can be found here.