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Anything but bland: Beatrice Ojakangas on 'Breakfast with Beatrice'
Scandinavia is known for many things — cross-country skiing, wool sweaters, blond hair and ABBA. But, perhaps unfairly, the foods of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland are stereotyped as slightly uninspired, white and bland. "It's not bland!" says Beatrice Ojakangas. "Maybe it's the way we've started to prepare it lately, but it's real, natural, good food, and it is so tasty."
Appetites: A simpler way of preserving
Take all your old notions of preserving and throw them away, says Beth Dooley.
Archaeologist of the Future Present: Mark Dery’s Visions of American Dread, American Dreams
The Verge interviews Mark Dery, author of I MUST NOT THINK BAD THOUGHTS.
Archidose: Two Louis Sullivan Books
Archie Davies discusses FOR A NEW GEOGRAPHY on New Books in Geography
Arriving in English at a time of renewed interest in alternative geographical traditions and the history of radical geography, it takes its place in the canonical works of critical geography.
Archimedes Notebook: The Lost Forest
Review of The Lost Forest by Phyllis Root from Archimedes Notebook
Archinect: Deep Mapping the Media City
Shannon Mattern's book argues cities have been “mediated, and intelligent, for millenia.”
Archive Journal: The Heretical Archive
Review of Domietta Torlasco's book.
Are streetcars the answer to our transit and environmental needs?
MinnPost discusses, with research from TWIN CITIES BY TROLLEY by John Diers and Aaron Isaacs.
Are you sleeping too much?
Matthew Wolf-Meyer (THE SLUMBERING MASSES) appears on CBC's The Current.
Areavoices blog/Fargo Forum reviews Through No Fault of My Own
I’m not terribly nosy by nature. I don’t (often) eavesdrop on others’ conversations; I don’t delight in the details of strangers’ dramas; and I certainly don’t go around reading other peoples’ diaries. Well, that is, until I picked up Clotilde Irvine’s.
ARLIS/NA: Avant Garde in the Cornfields
Review of Avant-Garde in the Cornfields edited by Ben Nicholson and Michelangelo Sabatino
ARLIS/NA reviews New Architecture on Indigenous Lands
"Libraries that support architecture programs will find this book to be an excellent addition."
Art History Newsletter reviews "Man Ray, African Art, and the Modernist Lens"
MAN RAY, AFRICAN ART, AND THE MODERNIST LENS by Wendy Grossman is "positioned to appeal to a spectrum of readers."
Art Journal: City of Angles
Jennifer Doyle reviews WEST OF CENTER (among other titles) for CAA's Art Journal.
Art + Music + Technology: Trace Reddell
A groundbreaking approach to sound in sci-fi films offers new ways of construing both sonic innovation and science fiction cinema.
Artforum: Braving the elements
Review of Jussi Parikka's A GEOLOGY OF MEDIA.
Artforum: Center Stage
Artforum article references Katarzyna Pieprzak's IMAGINED MUSEUMS.
Artforum excerpt: Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment by Henri Lefebvre
Henri Lefebvre's theories—of the everyday, of the city, of space—are integral to our understanding of contemporary life and urban experience.
Articulating a Politics of a Reticulated Community
Reticulations by Philip Armstrong reviewed in enculturation.
"Artist|Animal is successful because it pushes many people out of their comfort zones."
Review of Steve Baker's book in Our Hen House.
Artist Betsy Bowen on her latest projects, including "Twelve Owls" with birder Laura Erickson
Betsy Bowen appears on WTIP: North Shore Community Radio to talk about her latest projects.
Artists Unscripted in Minnesota Monthly
Interview with Kate Hopper (Ready for Air) and Kevin Kling.
Arts Orbit: "The Northern Heartland Kitchen" cookbook warms your kitchen
Beth Dooley's THE NORTHERN HEARTLAND KITCHEN review in MN Arts Orbit.
Arts Week on Midday: Design for abandoned places
MPR's Marianne Combs co-hosts with Larry Millett (ONCE THERE WERE CASTLES) in a show that includes guest Tom Fisher (THE INVISIBLE ELEMENT OF PLACE).
ArtsFuse: 'Diaboliques'—An essential hidden dimension in French literature
The oft-perceptive critic Remy de Gourmont posits that Jules Barbey d’Aurevilly will “probably remain for a long time one of those singular, subterranean classics that form the real life of French literature.”
ArtsFuse: Murray talks music, and so much more—the legacy and lessons of Albert Murray
Before Murray Talks Music, there was little in print of Albert Murray as spontaneous orator. This new collection corrects that problem and shows how brilliant he could be even when he didn’t have time to polish his prose.
ArtsHub (Australia) interview with Mark Amerika
ArtsHub in Australia interviews Mark Amerika (REMIXTHEBOOK) prior to his visit to Melbourne and Fremantle.
ArtZany Radio Interview with Margi Preus
Margi Preus discusses the final Enchantment Lake mystery book, The Silver Box, on KYMN Radio's ArtZany.
ASAP Journal: Ecology without Culture
Why ecocriticism is articulated most clearly when placed in the context of a close reading praxis that takes seriously the idea of aesthetics.