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Library Journal: Standing with Standing Rock
Review of Standing with Standing Rock, edited by Jaskiran Dhillon and Nick Estes
Indian Country Today: Standing with Standing Rock
Review of Standing with Standing Rock and Interview with the editors from Indian Country Today
The Atlantic: Living on Campus
Review of Living on Campus by Carla Yanni
The American Conservative: Living on Campus
Review of Living on Campus by Carla Yanni
Agate Magazine: The Lost Forest
Review of The Lost Forest from Agate Magazine
Publishers Weekly: Jack and the Ghost
Review of Jack and the Ghost by Chan Poling and Lucy Michell from Publishers Weekly
Kirkus Reviews: What God Is Honored Here?
Review of What God Is Honored Here? from Kirkus Reviews
New Books Network: Postcolonial Automobility
Review of Postcolonial Automobility by Lindsey B. Green-Simms
Neural: Cyberwar and Revolution
Review of Cyberwar and Revolution by Nick Dyer-Witheford and Svitlana Matviyenko
Marx and Philosophy Review of Books: 99 Theses on the Revaluation of Value
Review of 99 Theses on the Revaluation of Value by Brian Massumi
LA Review of Books: Writing Human Rights
Mention of Writing Human Rights by Crystal Parikh
Salon: Aspirational Fascism
Mention of Aspirational Fascism by William E. Connolly
Dissent: Standing with Standing Rock
Dissent Magazine review of Standing with Standing Rock
JAFSCD: Food Justice Now!
Review of Food Justice Now! by Joshua Sbicca
Black Press USA: Hope in the Struggle
Review of Josie Johnson's memoir, Hope in the Struggle, from Black Press USA
Neural: Information Technologies Fantasies
Review of Information Fantasies by Xiao Liu
SC Times: The Senator Next Door
Amy Klobuchar's review of her memoir, The Senator Next Door in the SC Times
Australian Broadcast Corporation: Archaeologies of Touch
Interview with David Parisi, author of Archaeologies of Touch
Configurations: Archaeologies of Touch
Review of Archaeologies of Touch by David Parisi
Porno Cultures Podcast: Sexography
Nicolas de Villiers, author of Sexography, on Porno Cultures Podcast
New Media & Society: Archaeologies of Touch
Review of Archaeologies of Touch by David Parisi
NPR: Examining Civility in a Time of Deepening Political Divisions
Lynn M. Itagaki, author of CIVIL RACISM, on NPR's Morning Edition.
Public Books: The World of Asian American Studies
Includes review of WRITING HUMAN RIGHTS by Crystal Parikh.
Verso: A Billion Black Anthropocenes
What happens when the Anthropocene meets critical race studies?
Bookology: Bim, Bam, Bop . . . and Oona
Poor Oona—she’s always the last duck to the pond…. But then her frog friend Roy reminds her: you’re good with gizmos… And so Oona the duck goes to work in the barn on her gizmos, pouring her creative and determined self into getting to the pond before the faster ducks.
Electric Review: Journal Entries, Poems & Jottings From A Once In A Millennium Poet
Black Perspectives: The Education of Black Boys
Review of BLACK BOYS APART by Freeden Blume Oeur.
bookstalkerblog: Culture molds us like nothing else.
Against the Grain: The Pitfalls of Race-Based Medicine
Given the disparities between the lifespans of whites, African Americans, Native Americans and other groups, it might seem to be sensible to gear medicine along racial lines. But sociologist Leslie Hinkson argues that it represents a dangerous turn in science and healthcare. She discusses race, biology, and debt.
"The land shows us the way": Indigenous peoples' strategies for coping with the Anthropocene.
Lecture with Leanne Betasamosake Simpson.