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  • Raising Ollie
  • We Are Meant to Rise
  • Gichigami Hearts
  • Opioid Reckoning
  • The Last Bookseller


  • Therapy Tech
  • Commodities of Care
  • Care Ethics in the Age of Precarity
  • How the “bad feelings” of trans experience inform trans survival and flourishing
  • Trans Care



  • A masterpiece of nineteenth-century literature in a fresh translation that fully captures the language, psychology, and social reach of Stendhal’s original
  • Lost Illusions
  • A philosopher and former racing cyclist examines how competitive riders lose their sense of self as they pursue perfect motion and mastery over pain
  • The second volume in the Nobel Prize–winning writer’s epic of medieval Norway, finely capturing Undset’s fluid, natural style in a new English translation, the first in nearly a century
  • A harrowing early novel by one of France’s most unusual contemporary writers



  • Black Food Matters (cover)
  • Sweetness in the Blood (cover)
  • An event-by-event look at how institutionalized racism harms the health of African Americans in the twenty-first century
  • How race became embedded in a medical instrument
  • A detailed exploration of parents’ fight for a safe environment for their kids, interrogating how race, class, and gender shape health advocacy


  • One woman’s enlightening trek through the natural histories, cultural stories, and present perils of thirteen national monuments, from Maine to Hawaii
  • The story of starting and running an organic farm—told by the woman who owned one of the first Community Supported Agriculture operations in the Upper Midwest
  • Part memoir, part cultural history, these memories of seven aunts holding home and family together tell a crucial, often overlooked story of women of the twentieth century
  • The complex and dramatic history of an illegal teachers’ strike that forever altered labor relations and Minnesota politics
  • A walking journey through France’s vast interior becomes a meditation on both personal recovery and the role of history in the present—more than 425,000 copies sold in France



  • The Perennial Kitchen
  • The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen
  • The Soup and Bread Cookbook
  • The Steger Homestead Kitchen
  • 500 casseroles for every occasion—sweet and savory, hearty and light, homey and festive—from beloved James Beard Cookbook Hall of Famer Beatrice Ojakangas



  • Noopiming (cover)
  • Written by the Body
  • Remembering Our Intimacies
  • Le Maya Q'atzij/Our Maya Word
  • Talkin' Up to the White Woman



  • Why our failure to consider the power of animals is to our deep detriment
  • An urgent volume of essays engages the Gothic to advance important perspectives on our geological era
  • How afforestation reveals the often-concealed politics between humans and plants
  • A necessary reexamination of Indigenous mounds, demonstrating their sustained vitality and vibrant futurity by centering Native voices
  • How contemporary environmental struggles and resistance to pipeline development became populist struggles



  • Skiing into the Bright Open
  • No Horizon Is So Far
  • Brave Enough (cover)
  • Winter's Children
  • The Right to Be Cold



  • How fluorescent orange symbolizes the uneven distribution of safety and risk in the neoliberal United States
  • A call to arms exploring the protest movements of 2020 as they reverberated through the athletic world
  • Calamity Theory
  • Exploring the existential implications of the Covid-19 crisis through meditations
  • Who’s worse, the Young-Girl or the Man-Child?



  • A philosophical challenge to the ableist conflation of disability and pain
  • Decarcerating Disability
  • Revealing inequalities and sensory hierarchies embedded in the latest medical technologies and global biotechnical markets
  • Modeling a disability culture perspective on performance practice toward socially just futures
  • A pointed look at the state of tech-based mental healthcare and what we must do to change it



  • Thinking through object-oriented ontology—and the work of architects such as Rem Koolhaas and Zaha Hadid—to explore new concepts of the relationship between form and function
  • The first comprehensive study of the artist Robert Heinecken and his critical views on the culture of mass media
  • An examination of Japanese contemporary art through the lens of ecocriticism and environmental history
  • Examines how images of accumulation help open up the climate to political mobilization
  • Explores how Soviet architects reimagined the built environment through the principles of the human sciences



  • Delves deep into the archives that keep the history and work of AIDS activism alive
  • How digital networks and services bring the issues of archives out of the realm of institutions and into the lives of everyday users
  • A groundbreaking synthesis of food studies, archival theory, and early American literature
  • Explores how media infrastructure, not content, shapes contemporary digital culture
  • Expanding the insights of Arlette Farge and Michel Foucault’s Disorderly Families into policing, public order, (in)justice, and daily life



  • A collection of previously untranslated writings by Henri Lefebvre on rural sociology, situating his research in relation to wider Marxist work
  • Leading intellectual Henri Lefebvre on political and state theory
  • The relationship between bodily pleasure, space, and architecture—from one of the twentieth century’s most important urban theorists
  • The first English translation of Lefebvre’s groundbreaking work on the urban experience
  • For the first time in English, Lefebvre’s essential work on how Marx and Engels conceptualized the development of the city



  • Nothing Has to Make Sense
  • Tolerance and Risk
  • Arc of the Journeyman
  • Foucault in Iran
  • With Stones in Our Hands



  • After Effects
  • Our Grateful Dead
  • What God Is Honored Here?
  • Jack and the Ghost
  • We Know How This Ends



  • A richly illustrated tour of Minnesota’s premier natural history museum after 150 years
  • Walleye, the holy grail of game fish: on catching them, understanding their biology and history, and ensuring their survival
  • A comprehensive, detailed, illustrated history of Minnesota’s breeding birds—the first in nearly a century
  • The nature of the common loon, from biology to behavior, from one of the world’s foremost observers of the revered waterbird
  • The definitive work on Minnesota’s natural history and ecology—updated, expanded, and copiously illustrated to account for profound changes to the state’s natural landscape over the past twenty-five years