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  • Raising Ollie
  • We Are Meant to Rise
  • How the “bad feelings” of trans experience inform trans survival and flourishing
  • Opioid Reckoning
  • An intensely moving and revelatory memoir of enduring and emerging from exceptional grief


  • How Black women’s reproduction became integral to white supremacy, capitalism, and heteropatriarchy—and remains key to their dismantling
  • This surprising examination uncovers the eugenic impulse in a nation’s desire for “founding mothers”
  • Native women and women of color poignantly share their pain, revelations, and hope after experiencing the traumas of miscarriage and infant loss
  • How the politics of “medical necessity” complicates American health care
  • Describing and assessing feminist inroads into the state


  • Forty-four years after two men married in a legal ceremony in Minnesota, the Supreme Court has decided the question first raised by these gay pioneers
  • The new edition of a prize-winning memoir-in-poems, a meditation on life as a queer Indigenous man—available for the first time in the United States
  • A groundbreaking new history of urban cruising through the lenses of urban poets
  • Delves deep into the archives that keep the history and work of AIDS activism alive
  • An updated edition of this measured, practical, and timely guide to LGBT rights and issues for educators and school officials


  • How the “bad feelings” of trans experience inform trans survival and flourishing
  • A radical and necessary rethinking of trans care
  • A groundbreaking twentieth-century history of transgender children
  • Uncovering the overlapping histories of blackness and trans identity from the nineteenth century to the present day
  • Daring new theories of masculinity, built from a large and geographically diverse interview study of transgender men


  • A sixty-year history of Afro–South Asian musical collaborations
  • The preoccupation with “depth” and its relevance to cinema and media studies
  • An in-depth look at Black food and the challenges it faces today
  • Award-winning author Kao Kalia Yang delivers an inspiring tale of resourceful children confronting adversaries in a refugee camp
  • An in-depth account of the life and career of Minnesota’s first modern architect



  • A masterpiece of nineteenth-century literature in a fresh translation that fully captures the language, psychology, and social reach of Stendhal’s original
  • Lost Illusions
  • A philosopher and former racing cyclist examines how competitive riders lose their sense of self as they pursue perfect motion and mastery over pain
  • The second volume in the Nobel Prize–winning writer’s epic of medieval Norway, finely capturing Undset’s fluid, natural style in a new English translation, the first in nearly a century
  • A harrowing early novel by one of France’s most unusual contemporary writers



  • A moving and deeply personal excavation of Indigenous beauty and passion in a suffering world
  • Uncovering the pernicious narratives white people create to justify white supremacy and sustain racist oppression
  • The son of a Black mother and white father overcomes family trauma to find the courage of compassion in veterinary practice
  • An expansive and revelatory study of Robert Smithson’s life and the hidden influences on his iconic creations
  • An extraordinary illustrated biography of a Métis man and Anishinaabe woman navigating great changes in their homeland along the U.S.–Canada border in the early twentieth century


  • One woman’s enlightening trek through the natural histories, cultural stories, and present perils of thirteen national monuments, from Maine to Hawaii
  • The story of starting and running an organic farm—told by the woman who owned one of the first Community Supported Agriculture operations in the Upper Midwest
  • Part memoir, part cultural history, these memories of seven aunts holding home and family together tell a crucial, often overlooked story of women of the twentieth century
  • The complex and dramatic history of an illegal teachers’ strike that forever altered labor relations and Minnesota politics
  • A walking journey through France’s vast interior becomes a meditation on both personal recovery and the role of history in the present—more than 425,000 copies sold in France



  • The Perennial Kitchen
  • The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen
  • The Soup and Bread Cookbook
  • The Steger Homestead Kitchen
  • 500 casseroles for every occasion—sweet and savory, hearty and light, homey and festive—from beloved James Beard Cookbook Hall of Famer Beatrice Ojakangas



  • Noopiming (cover)
  • More than two dozen essays of Indigenous resistance to the privatization and allotment of Indigenous lands
  • The vital role of dance in enacting the embodied experiences of Indigenous peoples
  • A cultural history of Sápmi and the Nordic countries as told through objects and artifacts
  • A collective memoir in poetry of an Ojibwe family and tribal community, from creation myth to this day, updated with new poems



  • A methodological follow-up to Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet
  • An urgent volume of essays engages the Gothic to advance important perspectives on our geological era
  • How afforestation reveals the often-concealed politics between humans and plants
  • An unparalleled how-to guide to citizen-sensing practices that monitor air pollution
  • How contemporary environmental struggles and resistance to pipeline development became populist struggles



  • The complex and dramatic history of an illegal teachers’ strike that forever altered labor relations and Minnesota politics
  • A critique of what lies behind the use of data in contemporary education policy
  • What kind of university is possible when digital tools are not taken for granted, but hacked for a more experimental future?
  • How special education used disability labels to marginalize Black students in public schools
  • Considers colonial school–prison systems in relation to the self-determination of Native communities, nations, and peoples



  • A writer and former ski jumper facing a terminal diagnosis takes one more leap—into a past of soaring flights and broken family bonds
  • Radically personal and quintessentially American, an intimate drama at the heart of an apocalyptic vision
  • Two lost sisters find family, and themselves, among the voices of an Ojibwe reservation
  • From the best-selling author of These Granite Islands, a novel of stories intersecting at a broken-down fishing resort in the north woods of Minnesota
  • A riveting family saga immersed in the gritty, dark side of Swedish immigrant life in America in the early twentieth century



  • A philosophical challenge to the ableist conflation of disability and pain
  • Championing the liberatory potential of silence to address the fraught disability politics of queerness
  • Revealing inequalities and sensory hierarchies embedded in the latest medical technologies and global biotechnical markets
  • Modeling a disability culture perspective on performance practice toward socially just futures
  • A radical critique of architecture that places disability at the heart of the built environment



  • Thinking through object-oriented ontology—and the work of architects such as Rem Koolhaas and Zaha Hadid—to explore new concepts of the relationship between form and function
  • The first comprehensive study of the artist Robert Heinecken and his critical views on the culture of mass media
  • An examination of Japanese contemporary art through the lens of ecocriticism and environmental history
  • Examines how images of accumulation help open up the climate to political mobilization
  • Explores how Soviet architects reimagined the built environment through the principles of the human sciences



  • Delves deep into the archives that keep the history and work of AIDS activism alive
  • How digital networks and services bring the issues of archives out of the realm of institutions and into the lives of everyday users
  • A groundbreaking synthesis of food studies, archival theory, and early American literature
  • Explores how media infrastructure, not content, shapes contemporary digital culture
  • Expanding the insights of Arlette Farge and Michel Foucault’s Disorderly Families into policing, public order, (in)justice, and daily life



  • A collection of previously untranslated writings by Henri Lefebvre on rural sociology, situating his research in relation to wider Marxist work
  • Leading intellectual Henri Lefebvre on political and state theory
  • The relationship between bodily pleasure, space, and architecture—from one of the twentieth century’s most important urban theorists
  • The first English translation of Lefebvre’s groundbreaking work on the urban experience
  • For the first time in English, Lefebvre’s essential work on how Marx and Engels conceptualized the development of the city



  • The new novel from the author of As We Have Always Done, a poetic world-building journey into the power of Anishinaabe life and traditions amid colonialism
  • From the young Black teenager who built a bass guitar in woodshop to the musician building a solo career with Motown Records—Prince’s bassist BrownMark on growing up in Minneapolis, joining Prince and The Revolution, and his life in the purple kingdom
  • Travel with Olympic gold medalist Jessie Diggins on her compelling journey from America’s heartland to international sports history, navigating challenges and triumphs with rugged grit and a splash of glitter
  • The remarkable eighty-five-day journey of the first two women to canoe the 2,000-mile route from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay
  • An irresistible read-aloud picture book, in which a little odd-duck-out discovers her unique strengths



  • After Effects
  • Our Grateful Dead
  • What God Is Honored Here?
  • Jack and the Ghost
  • We Know How This Ends



  • Revealing the enduring link between settler colonization and the making of modern Minneapolis
  • How white advocates of emancipation abandoned African American causes in the dark days of Reconstruction, told through the stories of four Minnesotans
  • A working-class history of a 1916 miners’ strike in northern Minnesota, one of the most important events in organized labor of the early twentieth century
  • The true story, and the black citizens, behind the evolution of racial equality in Minnesota
  • The untold history of how the land of the Dakota and Ojibwe became the State of Minnesota



  • A unique and engaging account of local urban decision-making within the globalizing world
  • An alternative history of capitalist urbanization through the lens of the commons
  • A fascinating deep dive into one city’s urban policy—and the anxiety over immigrants that informs it
  • A pathbreaking look at how progressive policy change for economic justice has swept U.S. cities
  • A timely ethnography of how Indonesia’s coastal dwellers inhabit the “chronic present” of a slow-motion natural disaster



  • Exploring why there is so much fecal matter in literary works that matter
  • A vital reckoning with how we understand the basic categories of cultural expression in the digital era
  • Why Captain Ahab is worthy of our fear—and our compassion
  • A pathbreaking new genealogy of statelessness
  • Before the idea of the Anthropocene, there was the angry planet



  • Isherwood’s lectures on writing and writers, now all available for the first time
  • New perspectives on Christopher Isherwood as a searching and transnational writer
  • Shines a critical spotlight on the American life of the famed author
  • How Christopher Isherwood reinvented himself as an American writer through gay print culture of the postwar United States
  • Isherwood’s previously unpublished letters to his mother cast his early years as a writer in a new light



  • Has society ceded its self-governance to technogovernance?
  • From broken-window policing in Detroit to prison-building in Appalachia, exploring the expansion of the carceral state and its oppressive social relations into everyday life
  • A groundbreaking collection of writings by Michel Foucault and the Prisons Information Group documenting their efforts to expose France’s inhumane treatment of prisoners
  • A field guide to a nonfascist life at the end of the world as we know it
  • Tracing the rise of digital computing in policing and punishment and its harmful impact on criminalized communities of color



  • A searing critique of the “freedom” that America offers to the victims of its imperialist machinations of war and occupation
  • Why are immigrants from Mexico and Latin America such an affectively charged population for political conservatives?
  • Connects global migration with urban marginalization, exploring how “race” maps onto place across the globe, state, and street
  • A monumental account of one migrant community’s everyday lives, struggles, and aspirations
  • Investigating the global system of detention centers that imprison asylum seekers and conceal persistent human rights violations



  • A paradigm-shifting genealogy of biological life as metaphysical concept rather than a scientific category
  • A vital contribution to environmental humanities that explores artistic responses to the plastic age
  • Understanding biopolitics anew, through life and not death, in the aftermath of mass violence
  • How global capitalism has turned human beings into a new form of biocapital
  • A genealogy of logistics, tracing the link between markets and militaries, territory and government


OUT OF ...

  • Explores the intrinsic relation of life to air, and breathing, through contemporary art
  • A groundbreaking collection of fiction from Iceland’s best contemporary authors
  • A new temporal aesthetic in films such as Memento, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2046, and The Hangover
  • Rediscover the astute and passionate music writings of the pioneering rock critic for the New Yorker
  • A revealing inquiry into how global culture is lived locally.



  • A personal health crisis, stories from environmental refugees, and our climate in danger prompt a meditation on intimate connections between the health of the body and the health of the ecosystem
  • Trinity Baird’s hope for independence is tenuous, especially when her family has the final say—and the power to lock her away
  • Personal essays exploring the link between natural history and memory, landscape and identity, place and meaning
  • A memoir of family, mining pioneers and unscrupulous magnates, and the fight for Minnesota’s natural resources
  • The author of Old Turtle and a longtime wilderness guide charts a journey through the wilds of nature and the twists and turns of daily life



  • The first English publication of Sami folktales from Scandinavia collected and illustrated in the early twentieth century
  • Restoring the literature of Pele and Hi‘iaka to its rightful place in Native culture and identity
  • An outsider American recounts two decades of radical lesbian life in this urgent, ferociously funny memoir
  • A deeply personal meditation on history and memory, place and displacement by a major writer
  • Asserts the strength and diversity of Cherokee identity through its rich literary tradition



  • An urgent volume of essays engages the Gothic to advance important perspectives on our geological era
  • Rethinking our relationship with Earth in a time of environmental emergency
  • How sensors are changing our environmental relationships
  • Analyzing the ethical stance of the earth art movement from the 1960s to the present
  • Re-envisions the earth in innovative painterly, sculptural, and architectural forms