Bea Ojakangas: Welcome to My Kitchen

Cookbook author Ojakangas gives a six-part special cooking series, complete with wonderful recipes and great kitchen tips and life lessons.

Ojakangas_Great coverA region’s heritage is not found only in its history, art and music, but can also be defined by its essential cuisine. The flavors of our region reflect the food of immigrants from Finland, Italy, Sweden, and Norway, as well as the new dishes that were created in this fusion of cultures. Before Bea Ojakangas there was not a cookbook in the United States which concentrated on Finnish food, so prevalent here in northern Minnesota. Having authored The Finnish Cookbook, now in its 38th printing and an additional 28 cookbooks and counting, Bea has baked with Julia Child and Martha Stewart, won the Pillsbury Bakeoff and is a member of the James Beard Cookbook Hall of Fame. Bea Ojakangas shares the story of her life, and her unbeatable recipes in a six part cooking series titled Welcome to my Kitchen.

Watch the series here.

Published in: WDSE/WRPT