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Learning to Live While Dying: Bruce Kramer talks about his upcoming book 'We know How This Ends'
Interview with Bruce Kramer, author of 'We Know How This Ends', with Next Avenue
Left of Black: Alondra Nelson
Alondra Nelson, author of BODY AND SOUL: The Black Panther Party and the Fight against Medical Discrimination, joins Duke University Professor Mark Anthony Neal on Left of Black.
Left of Black: The death of Trayvon Martin and the "fictions" of black leadership
Mark Anthony Neal, host of Left of Black, interviews Erica Edwards, author of CHARISMA: THE FICTIONS OF BLACK LEADERSHIP.
Leif the Lucky – A gorgeously illustrated bio on Leif Erikson
Carla Sinclair from Boing Boing review's Ingri and Edgar Parin D’Aulaire's 'Leif the Lucky'
Leif the Lucky and the pleasure of long books.
"I was delighted to see that the University of MinnesotaPress has reprinted 1941 book, Lief the Lucky, by Ingri and Edgar Parin D’Aulaire. A big gorgeous book that tells the Norse folktale of Erik the Red and his son Leif the Lucky, and how they discovered Greenland and North America."
Leo Weekly interviews Kelly Cogswell
The author of EATING FIRE on activism, the Lesbian Avengers, and writing a memoir.
Leonardo: Alien Phenomenology
Leonardo reviews Ian Bogost's latest: "Well, the things they say! Do we attend enough to things? Or to change the emphasis, do we pay enough attention to THINGS? No, it still doesn’t really work."
Leonardo: Anthropocene Feminism
The volume fits in a series of recent and upcoming literature that address the Anthropocene era and its devastating effect on our environment.
Leonardo: Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet
The ecosystem of our planet does not particular need us humans to survive and would probably be better off without us. As shown in the past it will no doubt generate other life forms. If we want to stay part of the equation we will have to come down from our high horse and start paying attention to what we form part of. Arts of Living gives an excellent indication of where to start with.
Leonardo: Bioaesthetics
An excellent introduction to an aesthetics that intends to overcome speculative theories of art and philosophy without disregarding context and history.