Birdman of Lauderdale reviews Hawk Ridge

"Delightful, informative and humorous."

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Each chapter ends with a brief set of statistics of the bird’s “count” history at Hawk Ridge including the seasonal average count, earliest and latest date of sighting, peak migration month, and record daily and seasonal counts. That’s very helpful if you wanted to maximize your chances of seeing a particular species on a trip to Hawk Ridge. In fact, I think that’s the target audience: bird watchers who want to try Hawk Ridge and would like further information on when to plan a trip.

Laura offers good advice on visiting Hawk Ridge, noting that you might want to bring a chair, some sun block, and be aware that there are no restrooms there except in the middle of September. For more information, she points the reader to

The book is delightful, informative and humorous. As a bird watcher and columnist, I found it stimulating, opening areas and ideas for further study and observation.

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Published in: The Park Bugle's ornithology blog
By: Birdman of Lauderdale