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Capturing the essence of raptors
Birder Laura Erickson and artist Betsy Bowen follow up last year's book "Twelve Owls" with "Hawk Ridge."
Carolyn Holbrook on Island of Discarded Women podcast
Special guest Carolyn shares with Sue her journey from incarcerated teen to celebrated literary arts advocate. Brittany offers up a mistaken door that led to healing. Silvia recounts a phone number that changed her life. And musical guest Ivory Doublette sings the original “We Are One” with Zippy Laske and Tim Carrow.
Cartographic Perspectives: New Lines
This book challenges everyone who usually deals primarily with the technical issues of GIS to more carefully consider the impacts of these technologies on society
Cathy Wurzer talks 'Non-Stop' with Jack El-Hai
Jack El-Hai is author of the book about the turbulent history of Northwest Airlines.
CBC Radio: The complex racial history of the Little Rascals
Interview with Julia Lee, author of Our Gang.
CBS: Jessie Diggins on her historic win at Beijing Olympics
Jessie Diggins took bronze in the women's individual freestyle cross-country skiing competition during the 2022 Winter Olympics, making history as the first American athlete to medal in the category. Jamie Yuccas has more on her journey to Beijing.
CBS Minnesota: Couple Considering Lawsuit Against Blue Earth County To Legalize Marriage
Jack Baker and Michael McConnell have been fighting for their marriage for 45 years. In 1972, they lost an appeal before the U.S. Supreme Court, but 43 years later in 2015, the high court cited their case in their ruling legalizing gay marriage.
CBS Minnesota features Larry Millett's Once There Were Castles
CBS Minnesota features Minnesota historian Larry Millett and his new book about lost mansions and estates in the Twin Cities.
CBS Minnesota interview: Will Steger Unveils New Cookbook
Steger teamed up with his niece, Rita Mae, for the new cookbook “The Steger Homestead Kitchen: Simple Recipes for an Abundant Life.”
CBS Minnesota: Rare Look Inside Minneapolis’ Century-Old Tunnels
CBS Minnesota interviews Greg Brick, author of SUBTERRANEAN TWIN CITIES.
CBS Minnesota: Sausage with Apples and Onions
Bite of MN blog features recipe from Beth Dooley's THE NORTHERN HEARTLAND KITCHEN.
CBS Sunday Morning: The Sioux Chef
"You can throw a dart at a map of North America, and wherever it lands, there's gonna be culture, food, people and flavor to play with right there, and so many stories to tell you can write a book," said chef Sean Sherman. And he's done just that.
Celebrating Lao New Year with Green Papaya Salad
CenSAMM: Theory for the World to Come
Mention of Theory for the World to Come by Matthew J. Wolf-Meyer
Chalkbeat: A Contest without Winners
Article by Kate Phillippo, author of A Contest without Winners
Challenges to Democracy: National Urban Policy in the Age of Obama
Many supporters expressed disappointment that the first African-American community organizer to be elected US President did not do more to help cities. Although Barack Obama began to embrace the subject of race relations late in his second term, his urban policy seemed to disappear as his Administration endured. Here is an excerpt from a new edited volume Urban Policy in the Time of Obama.
Chapter 16: Social Death and Its Afterlives
Lisa Guenther contemplates solitary confinement—historically, socially, and philosophically
Charles Bukowski. Ace of Cakes. Cyborg homes. The Wire.
NBn interviews Ian Bogost on his book Alien Phenomenology, or What It's Like to Be a Thing.
Chicago Book Review: Clues to the Uncapturable
Review of Béla Tarr, The Time After, by Jacques Rancière.
Chicago Review of Books: "Antoine Volodine has been exploding the boundaries of fiction for decades."
Antoine Volodine has been exploding the boundaries of fiction for decades in his native France; now University of Minnesota Press brings one of his most fascinating experiments to U.S. readers with this new translation of Solo Viola. Its vision of performers and prisoners held under the sway of an authoritarian buffoon echoes eerily with our tumultuous present.
Chicago Review of Books' Best Nature Writing of 2018
Includes Nicole Seymour's BAD ENVIRONMENTALISM.
Chicago Review of Books: My Life in the Purple Kingdom
Interview with BrownMark author of My Life in the Purple Kingdom
Chicago Review of Books: The Best Nature Writing of 2018 So Far
If you loved Walden’s Pond, you’ll love this meditative journey into the North Woods.
Chicago Tribune: A movable feast around Lake Superior
Review of LAKE SUPERIOR FLAVORS by Jim Norton and Becca Dilley.
Chicago Tribune: Animal books that showcase love, ethical questions
Mention of IF BEES ARE FEW, edited by James Lenfestey.
Chicago Tribune reviews Whiskey Breakfast
Chicago Tribune sits down with Richard Lindberg to talk about his new memoir WHISKEY BREAKFAST and the dark past recounted there.
Children's books in the Strib: What a hoot
The Star Tribune features TWELVE OWLS as a terrific new children's book.
Children's Literature Network: Arctic Folktales
"I love this book so much that I plunked down some serious cash for a first edition several years ago." No miracles, but some hope.
Choice, self-regulation, security and other characteristics that make us desire to see less
Raiford Guins's EDITED CLEAN VERSION flagged by Machinology.