Black Perspectives interview with Anthony Ryan Hatch

Hatch: I wrote it for the millions of people, especially Black people, who struggle to maintain good metabolic health.

Blood Sugar by Anthony Ryan HatchIbram X. Kendi: Your book’s title, Blood Sugar, is very intriguing. Please share with us the origin story of this title.

The title “Blood Sugar” signals three meanings that were important for me as I finished the book. First, writing as a Black man who has lived with type 1 diabetes for 25 years, the constant concern with checking and managing blood sugar has been a dominant feature of my lived experience. I wanted to integrate that lived experience into the book’s arguments and bring it forward in the title. Contemporary biomedicine asks people living with diabetes and other metabolic health conditions to become fastidious accountants of their body’s numerology—whether they are asked to monitor their weight and body shape, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, or blood sugar. 

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Published in: Black Perspectives
By: Ibram X. Kendi