Bitch magazine: Dykes, direct action, and eating fire

Review of Kelly Cogswell's EATING FIRE

Cogswell_Eating coverKelly Cogswell's new book details the origins of the Lesbian Avengers—seen at left eating fire at a Dyke March in the early 1990s (photo by Carolina Kroon).

Before reading Kelly Cogswell’s book Eating Fire: My Life as a Lesbian Avenger, I confess I didn’t know about Dyke TV. I didn’t know about the first and largest Dyke March in DC that 20,000 people attended in April of 1993. I certainly didn’t know my undergraduate English professor from Hunter College, Sarah Chinn, was a part of the Lesbian Avengers.  I learned all of this while reading the book and then watching the documentary theLesbian Avengers Eat Fire, Too recently made available streaming for free on the Lesbian Avengersdocumentary project. A history lost to a generation of dykes is now being reclaimed, largely due to work of Kelly Cogswell.

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Published in: Bitch Media
By: Jamie J. Hagen