Bibliosaurus Text reviews Stories from Jonestown

Review of Leigh Fondakowski's new book.

fondakowski_stories coverI’m fascinated by cults. Being not religious at all, I want to understand the mindset of people who will follow a charismatic leader in a religion that seems really extreme, and which often separates them from their friends and families, as well as their finances. The most notorious of cults to me is Jonestown. This is the Guyana settlement of the Peoples Temple, lead by Jim Jones. It’s the place where we get the phrase “drank the Kool-Aid,” which is in reference to the suicide (and homicide) of over 900 people by drinking Flavor-Aid full of cyanide. How can you get people to willingly do that to themselves, their families, their friends? I want to understand.

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By: Audrey

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