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International Falls Journal: Douglas Wood's work is far from over
Borderland area a 'favorite place' for best-selling Minnesota author Douglas Wood
International Falls Journal: History on tap / Howard Greene
Howard Greene was a not only a Milwaukee businessman and father to four children, but starting in 1906, he added adventurer to his achievements as well; making extensive canoe expeditions into the wilderness with his young sons, a few of his outdoorsmen friends, and a few of his sons’ school friends.
International Viewpoint: The Dispossessed
Bensaïd’s essay, as contextualized in this volume by Nichols, successfully pushes, especially those of a Marxist orientation, to make the idea of dispossession more central to their theoretical and practical work.
Intersections reviews Writing the Love of Boys
A review of Jeffrey Angles' book.
Interventioneers: Humanitarian, Military, and Otherwise
HUMANITARIAN VIOLENCE by Neda Atanasoski in SCTIW Review.
Interview with Steven Shaviro, author of 'The Universe of Things'
Knight Arts interviews author Steven Shavior on his book 'The Universe of Things'
INTO: How Race and Trans Identity Emerged Together
Black transgender scholar and Cornell University professor C. Riley Snorton’s Black on Both Sides: A Racial History of Trans Identity offers a groundbreaking approach to the interlocking pasts of racial and trans identity.
InVisible Culture: Building Zion
Review of Thomas Carter's book.
invisibleculture on Alien Phenomenology
What does it mean to ruminate on and insist upon the limitations of human understanding?
io9: Dorion Sagan Demands That We Make Science an Adventure Again
Iowa Outdoors: Creekfinding
When an Iowa City author and illustrator duo heard the story and visited the site of a reclaimed creek and prairie in NE Iowa, they knew it was the perfect story to teach children about the importance of environmental conservation.
Iowa Public Radio: A True Story About a Creek that was Lost, Found, and Restored
After children's book author Jacqueline Briggs Martin read an article in the paper about a man who had restored a creek back into a thriving habitat, something about the story struck her.
Iowa Public Radio: The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen
For the last decade Sean Sherman, also known as the Sioux Chef, has been on a mission to educate Midwesterners about indigenous food and the recipes of his ancestors. Sherman is Ogalala Lakota, and his new cookbook is called The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen. During this Talk of Iowa interview, he talks with host Charity Nebbe.
"Is Consuming Like Crazy the Best Way to End Capitalism?": Vice interview with Steven Shaviro
Vice interview with Steven Shaviro, author of 'No Speed Limit'
Is genetic testing a new national obsession?
Interview with Kim TallBear, author of NATIVE AMERICAN DNA.
Is Microfinance Pushing the World’s Poorest Even Deeper Into Poverty?
New Republic article mentions Lamia Karim's book MICROFINANCE AND ITS DISCONTENTS and its skepticism of microfinance loans.
Isanti County News: Interview with Michael Schumacher
On the1968 presidential election and Schumacher's THE CONTEST.
Isanti County News: Minnesota organic farmer shares experiences
The Isanti County News interviews author Atina Diffley about her book TURN HERE SWEET CORN.
Isthmus: A mesmerizing story
Peters’ scholarly, yet accessible, prose takes readers into the shadowy corners of Minneapolis and the sinister mind of a “man without a soul,” as Hayward was deemed. This sordid tale is packed with mesmerism, psychopathy, spiritualism, yellow journalism and capital punishment.
Isthmus: The Drink That Made Wisconsin Famous
Review of The Drink That Made Wisconsin Famous by Doug Hoverson from Isthmus
"It is, to say the least, an odd book."
Blog review of Vampyroteuthis Infernalis by Vilem Flusser in John Coulthart's blog feuilleton.
"It’s probably one of the best unproduced screenplays ever written."
Vivoscene on LOVE IN VAIN by Alan Greenberg.
It's Meatless Monday - Lentil and Mint Salad
The Budget Smart Girl's Guide to the Universe features a recipe from Brenda Langton's THE SPOONRIVER COOKBOOK.
'It's what paleo wants to be': Star Tribune interview with Sean Sherman, Beth Dooley
What’s a quintessential Native American dish? Lee Svitak Dean asks the author of The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen.
ITV Gold: Indian Americans' shift in voting
Interview with Sangay Mishra, author of Desis Divided.
Jacobin: Workers Are Dying Because Amazon Treats Human Beings as Disposable
Jadaliyya interviews Ahmed Kanna (Dubai, the City as Corporation)
Author Ahmed Kanna discusses his new book, DUBAI, THE CITY AS CORPORATION, and current projects with Jadaliyya.
Jadaliyya interviews Keith P. Feldman
Feldman is author of A SHADOW OVER PALESTINE.
JAFSCD: Food Justice Now!
Review of Food Justice Now! by Joshua Sbicca
James Beard Foundation blog: The American Cuisine You Should Be Eating
American cooking is often celebrated as a melting-pot cuisine, but what about the foods and traditions that came before all of Lady Liberty’s huddled masses stepped into our nation’s kitchens? Oglala Lakota chef Sean Sherman has made it his mission to revive public interest in the food systems of North America’s indigenous populations.