James Beard Foundation blog: The American Cuisine You Should Be Eating

By Maggie Borden
James Beard Foundation blog

The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen (Sean Sherman)American cooking is often celebrated as a melting-pot cuisine, but what about the foods and traditions that came before all of Lady Liberty’s huddled masses stepped into our nation’s kitchens? Oglala Lakota chef Sean Sherman has made it his mission to revive public interest in the food systems of North America’s indigenous populations. Sherman spreads the delicious message through his company the Sioux Chef, which travels around the world cooking up edible education on Native American foodways and traditions.

His next stop? The Beard House on October 27, to celebrate the release of his new cookbook with a menu inspired by the original cuisine of Manhattan. We caught up with Sherman to talk about his research, aspirations, and efforts to grow Native American cuisine’s role in our country’s culinary conversation.

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