Book reviews

Check out the latest reviews of University of Minnesota Press books.
How can U just leave me standing? search of Prince Rogers Nelson.
Podcast interview with BrownMark, author of My Life in the Purple Kingdom, with Sam Bleazard.
How Do You Finally Get Your Book Finished (and Published)?
An interview with TURN HERE SWEET CORN author Atina Diffley.
How Do You Like It So Far?: The Metabolist Imagination
Interview with William O. Gardner, author of The Metabolist Imagination
How has the idea of the Orient influenced Hollywood films?
Jane Park, author of YELLOW FUTURE, talks with ABC Classic FM about representations of race and ethnicity, particularly of Asiatic peoples and cultures in film and popular media.
How motherhood changes the texture of our lives
Review of Kate Hopper's Ready for Air in Special Needs Mom blog.
How the Renowned Liar Fritz Lang Became One of the Most Truthful Filmmakers
Popmatters reviews Patrick McGilligan's book "Fritz Lang: The Nature of the Beast."
Hubble Space Telescope Images
Review of Elizabeth Kessler's PICTURING THE COSMOS at the Sun News Network.
Huffington Post: Before The Marriage Equality Movement, These Lesbians Were Targeting Children In School Yards
Features EATING FIRE by Kelly Cogswell.
Huffington Post: Dark Times and the Powers of Dreaming
Throughout history, in times of collective crisis, people’s dreams have often responded with a surge of imagery, emotion, and insight that help people respond more effectively and creatively to the pressing challenges facing their group in waking life.
Huffington Post on Reading Writing Interfaces
Lori Emerson asks us to reconsider the inevitability and desirability of the "invisible" computer interface.
Huffington Post reviews Virality
The rise of the network society is a reality -- though certainly not everyone around the world is participating.
Huffington Post: This Thanksgiving, Make These Native Recipes From Indigenous Chefs
“I think we could do so much better [by having] a holiday that’s not focused on something that just dismisses so much intense history for a large group of people,” he said. “It should really be about giving thanks for the harvest season and [exploring] an indigenous dinner.”
Huffington Post: What's in a Sex?
Understanding the Sexual in Early Modern England | A look at SEX BEFORE SEX, edited by James Bromley and Will Stockton
HuffPost: Cure Yourself of Planning and 'Dis Ease'
HuffPost's Healthy Living blog feature on Bruce Kramer and his 'Dis Ease Diary.'
Humane Ingenuity newsletter: Bookwork and Cloud Labs
I found Whitney Trettien’s wonderful new book Cut/Copy/Paste to be perfect reading for those of us trying to understand and design the new forms of writing, like newsletters, that have surfaced in digital media.
Hunting Season: Revealing the Threat in Only the Dead
Review of the second book in Vidar Sundstol's Minnesota Trilogy series.
Hush Hush, Forest: A beautiful way to welcome winter.
A beautiful way to welcome winter, and bedtime, with the northwoods as backdrop.
Hypatia: Against Purity
Shotwell persuasively encourages her reader to accept that purity is a myth, and that if we want to live better lives--that is to say, more just lives, but also qualitatively better ones in a world that seems to be politically and environmentally deteriorating all around us--we ought to reject this myth in favor of the impure.
Hyperallergic: A Painter Speaks, so that His Paintings Can Remain Silent
When René Magritte wrote “This is not a pipe,” he wasn’t negating the pipe so much as he was negating the language with which we attempt to grasp it.
Hyperallergic: Harriet Bart
Article on Harriet Bart and mention of Harriet Bart edited by Laura Wertheim Joseph
Hyphen Magazine: On the life of Richard Aoki
Aoki is the subject of Diane Fujino's book SAMURAI AMONG PANTHERS.
I was a roadie for The Replacements and lived to tell the tale.
Roadie Bill Sullivan takes you into the madness of touring with The Replacements in “Lemon Jail”
"I was hooked by what is universal about the prematurity experience."
Review of Kate Hopper's READY FOR AIR by PreemieBabies101.
Ian Bogost featured in Forbes
Forbes magazine interviews Ian Bogost about his new book HOW TO DO THINGS WITH VIDEOGAMES.
Ian Bogost: Why Debates About Video Games Aren't Really About Video Games
Ian Bogost, author of HOW TO DO THINGS WITH VIDEOGAMES, writes a guest editorial in Kotaku.
Iconoclastic Musician Takes Measure Of His Life: 'I Became A Fighter'
NPR features Fred Ho.
Ideal nighttime stories for children: Seven Ways to Trick a Troll
Ideas on Fire: Imagine Otherwise: Liat Ben-Moshe on Community beyond the Carceral State
On episode 134 of Imagine Otherwise, host Cathy Hannabach interviews Liat Ben-Moshe, who has spent her career tracing what she calls carceral ableism, or the ways the prison industrial complex and anti-disability logics shape one another in our daily lives and our political institutions.
If you love it, that's a clue: How objects shape a story
Gayla Marty on The Writer's Block Blog.
Igniting Change: Producers, Parasites, Patriots
Interview with Daniel Martinez HoSang and Joseph E. Lowndes, authors of Producers, Parasites, Patriots