Isanti County News: Minnesota organic farmer shares experiences

The Isanti County News interviews author Atina Diffley about her book TURN HERE SWEET CORN.

Diffley_Turn coverFor over 30 years, Atina Diffley and her husband Martin owned and operated Gardens of Eagan, one of the first certified organic produce farms in the Midwest.


“It’s really about empowerment and relationships and renewability of life itself, of weather, plants, animals and humans,” she said. “It’s about life, about relationships between animals and plants and people.”


Readers experience the loss of the family-run farm; the way the farm is stripped of all life in its development, with trees removed, topsoil shaved off and the land reshaped. In 1991, the Diffleys bought their own land and spent 36 months transitioning the land to an organic system.

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Published in: Isanti County News
By: Elizabeth Sias