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Kirkus Reviews: The Beginning and End of Rape
A blunt, trenchant exposé on the history and impact of sexual violence on indigenous tribal nations.
Inside Higher Ed: The Afterlife of the Mind
On Michel Foucault's posthumous publications, including LANGUAGE, MADNESS, AND DESIRE.
MPR's Appetites: Cooking with local oils
With Beth Dooley, author of MINNESOTA'S BOUNTY.
Leif the Lucky and the pleasure of long books.
"I was delighted to see that the University of MinnesotaPress has reprinted 1941 book, Lief the Lucky, by Ingri and Edgar Parin D’Aulaire. A big gorgeous book that tells the Norse folktale of Erik the Red and his son Leif the Lucky, and how they discovered Greenland and North America."
Night and Fog: Making of a classic documentary
Book review in Shepherd Express.
Megachurches, Suburbia and the Prosperity Gospel
Excerpt from essay 'Sanctifying the SUV: Megachurches, the Prosperity Gospel, and the Suburban Christian' by Charity R. Carney, appearing in MAKING SUBURBIA.
Euro Crime: The Ravens is 'an intriguing finale to an unusual trilogy'
Review of Vidar Sundstol's climactic last installment in the Minnesota Trilogy.
The Writer's Journey on Tony Oliva
"Whether or not you believe Oliva belongs in the Hall of Fame, his story is worth reading."
WCCO segment: On living with a terminal illness.
Cathy Wurzer, co-author with the late Bruce Kramer of We Know How This Ends, appears.
Beyond Science Fiction
Shepherd Express reviews Science Fiction and Extro-Science Fiction by Quentin Meillassoux.
Los Angeles Review of Books: Stone
Jeffrey Jerome Cohen's book shuttles back and forth between geologic epochs, genres, 14th-century travelogues and literary manuscripts, and contemporary debates in philosophy and literary theory.
NPR: Is Obama Finally Becoming The President African-Americans Wanted?
An interview with Lester Spence, author of STARE IN THE DARKNESS.
Digital Culture & Education review: Gaming at the Edge
Adrienne Shaw's book "delivers a strong argument against the view that identification is a central motivation to play a game."
Los Angeles Review of Books: On Aesthetics and Mentality in Speculative Philosophy Today
A. J. Nocek on The Universe of Things: On Speculative Realism by Steven Shaviro.
Star Tribune: 43 years later, Minneapolis couple's fight for marriage vindicated
Feature on Michael McConnell and Jack Baker, authors of THE WEDDING HEARD 'ROUND THE WORLD.
Game 81: A Tony Oliva biography
Review of Thom Henninger's book for Twinkie Town blog.
Los Angeles Review of Books | Mapping the Wander Lines: The Quiet Revelations of Fernand Deligny
Leon Hilton on The Arachnean and Other Texts.
Bea Ojakangas: Welcome to My Kitchen
Cookbook author Ojakangas gives a six-part special cooking series, complete with wonderful recipes and great kitchen tips and life lessons.
Interchange – What Makes Us Vulnerable: The Essential Ellen Willis
Interview with Nona Willis Aronowitz, daughter of Ellen Willis.
Botanical Magic: Medicine Woman’s In-Depth Study Reveals Plants' Offerings
SIN/GIN: Dialogue with Alice Kang
An interview with the author of BARGAINING FOR WOMEN'S RIGHTS.
Leonardo Reviews: Digital Shift
Typography changes, but according to Jeff Scheible, it does not suffice to describe its historical changes in form and function of typographical marks and systems.
Archive Journal: The Heretical Archive
Review of Domietta Torlasco's book.
Docomomo on Saint John's Abbey Church
Review of Victoria Young's book.
Pursuing happiness: it’s mostly a matter of surviving well together
From the authors of TAKE BACK THE ECONOMY.
Star Tribune commentary: Our dangerous reluctance to talk openly about war
Op-ed by Catherine Madison, author of THE WAR CAME HOME WITH HIM.
Against the Grain: When Soviet Welfare Ended
Interview with Marianna Pavlovskaya regarding her essay in MAKING OTHER WORLDS POSSIBLE.
Interventioneers: Humanitarian, Military, and Otherwise
HUMANITARIAN VIOLENCE by Neda Atanasoski in SCTIW Review.
Ethnomusicology Review: Afropolitanism à la malienne (Afropolitanism in Mali)
By Ryan Skinner, author of BAMAKO SOUNDS.
Christian Science Monitor: 10 new baseball books for summer reading
Includes TONY OLIVA by Thom Henninger.

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