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Kare 11: Birchwood Cafe recipes at home
Pear Cranberry Chutney with Tracy Singleton and Marshall Paulsen of The Birchwood Cafe.
Kare 11: Breakfast with Beatrice
Beatrice Ojakangas, author of Breakfast with Beatrice, stopped in the KARE 11 Kitchen to whip up a delicious pancake to share.
Kare 11: Cooking up favorite holiday appetizers
With Beth Dooley, author of MINNESOTA'S BOUNTY.
Kare 11: Crystal teacher pens book on life in the classroom
Tom Rademacher is the son of a teacher, the grandson of a teacher and the 2014 Minnesota Teacher of the Year. So for grins, he's now adding author to the resume.
Kare 11: Explore Minnesota's golf history in From Fields to Fairways
Rick Shefchik chats with Kare 11 about his new book FROM FIELDS TO FAIRWAYS.
Kare 11: Great Minnesota Cookie Book recipes
'The Great Minnesota Cookie Book,' by Lee Svitak Dean and Rick Nelson, of the Star Tribune, is a compilation of 80 winning recipes and stories from bakers around the state who have entered the Holiday Cookie Contest at the Star Tribune. Lee is the food editor and Rick is the restaurant critic and staff writer for the Taste section.
Kare 11: Here's what you don't know about nature.
Interview with Bob Zink, author of THE THREE-MINUTE OUTDOORSMAN
KARE 11: Looking at the history of Northwest Airlines
An interview with Jack El-Hai, author of 'Non-Stop.'
Kare 11: The Spoonriver Cookbook's lentil and mint salad recipe
Brenda Langton, author of THE SPOONRIVER COOKBOOK, chats with Belinda Jensen on Kare 11.
Kare 11: What are your kids reading?
Gia Vang talks with Kao Kalia Yang and Billy Thao.
Kathy Rudy: When a cage means freedom.
Two stories -- a real-life tragedy and a feel-good film -- offer a clear lesson for zoos. And maybe even us, too. By Kathy Rudy, author of LOVING ANIMALS.
Kathy Rudy's LOVING ANIMALS in the New Yorker
The New Yorker looks at the long relationship between human and dog, with commentary on Kathy Rudy's Loving Animals.
KAXE: It's the time of year for baking and The Great MN Cookie Book
Full of recipes to warm our kitchens and hearts.
KAXE/KBXE Morning Show Conservation Conversations: Lakes of Biological Significance
Paul Radomski joins the KAXE/KBXE Morning Show for a conversation about Lakes of Biological Significance.
KAXE: Retired MN Bookseller Gary Goodman Reflects on 40 Years of Books
Gary Goodman interviewed on KAXE "What We're Reading"
KAXE reviews Land of 10,000 Loves
Dan Sinykin reviews Stewart Van Cleve's book on the history of queer Minnesota.
KDHX (St. Louis, MO) interviews Justice and the American Metropolis editor
Clarissa Hayward, associate professor of political science at Washington University and co-editor of Justice and the American Metropolis, chats with KDHX.
Kelly Cogswell on Feminist Magazine
During LGBT Pride Month, the author of EATING FIRE talks about the first Dyke March in 1993.
Kenosha News: ‘November’s Fury’ tells story of 1913 freshwater hurricane
Interview with author Michael Schumacher.
Kevin Barrett on Cosmic Apprentice
Review of Dorion Sagan's book plus a link to his radio spot on American Freedom Radio.
KFAI Radio: Jim Walsh's Mixtape Memoir
Jim Walsh started writing about the Twin Cities music scene some 30 years ago. He fell into his profession as a music journalist, compelled by an insatiable desire to take the electrical and emotional impulses of music and translate them to the page.
KFAI: The Natural World of the Twin Cities
John J. Moriarty has written a Field Guide to the Natural World of the Twin Cities, published this year by University of Minnesota Press, and he recently joined Paul Brohaugh of KFAI's Poetry, Science and Wrestling to talk about the book.
KFAI's MinneCulture: Never a Champ, But a Beloved Boxer
Kick off Gay Pride Month with these 5 books
Kim TallBear on BBC's The Forum
The author of NATIVE AMERICAN DNA discusses how DNA is changing the way Native Americans think about tribal membership.
Kirkus Reviews: No Saints around Here by Susan Allen Toth
"Caregivers are only human."
Whitehead is a lyric poet writing in prose, proudly declaring himself to be “transgressive [and] punk”—and, very clearly, a survivor. An elegiac and elegant book of revelations, confessions, and reverberations.
Kirkus Reviews: "A forthright and sensitive tale of a daughter's quest."
A young woman crosses a cultural divide in search of her past.
Kirkus Reviews: A powerful tale about finding purpose and strength in the face of extreme adversity.
In the bleak Ban Vinai Refugee Camp, a brave group of young Hmong children, all cousins, rises up to help those they love.
Kirkus Reviews: Chronicles of a Radical Hag is "a pleasure to read."
Lorna Landvik uses wisdom and her trademark humor to encourage readers to have a thoughtful response to the world and the people with whom they share it.