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Imagine Otherwise Podcast: Josef Nguyen on the Politics of Flexibility
In their conversation, Josef and Cathy chat about the promises and perils of flexible planning, especially when environments require new flexibility without funding it.
In Defense of Meaning: Roberto Simanowski Close Reads Digital Art
Electronic Book Review looks at Simanowski's DIGITAL ART AND MEANING.
In Los Angeles Review of Books: Lisa L. Moore's new Sister Arts column
The author of SISTER ARTS has a column by the same name. This post, she discusses Adrienne Rich and Audre Lorde, among others.
In South Philly, Subtly Staking Territory
Philadelphia boasts one of the largest Vietnamese populations on the east coast. Hidden City Philadelphia discusses with regard to Karin Aguilar-San Juan's LITTLE SAIGONS and Nhi T. Lieu's THE AMERICAN DREAM IN VIETNAMESE.
In the Kitchen: Applesauce Cake
Pioneer Press features a recipe from Brenda Langton's THE SPOONRIVER COOKBOOK.
In the Middle on John Stockton: "Refuse the assumption of immutability"
In the Medieval Middle reviews John Stockton's Playing Dirty.
In the Middle: Tom Tyler's Ciferae and the Coming of Homo nocturnus
"Apart from writing books, what do we critical animal theorists want?"
"In the very grain of ordinary life, knotted multiplicity."
In the Middle reviews BECOMING HUMAN by J. Allan Mitchell.
In These Times: Relevant to our interests?
Longtime essayist Ellen Willis’ work is important, whether or not it encapsulates our current state of affairs.
In These Times Rural America: Wild Mares excerpt
Wild Mares: My Lesbian Back-to-the-Land Life excerpt by Dianna Hunter.
Independent Weekly reviews Loving Animals
Independent Weekly (Durham, NC) highlights the "a festering contradiction at the heart of Americans' treatment of animals" as highlighted in Kathy Rudy's book Loving Animals.
India Microfinance Business News reviews Microfinance and Its Discontents
India Microfinance Business News reviews Microfinance and Its Discontents by Lamia Karim.
Indian Country Today | ‘As We Have Always Done’: The Continuing Presence of Indigenous Nationhood
Leanne Betasamosake Simpson articulates ideas of indigenous nationhood, rather than declaring them
Indian Country Today | ‘Onigamiising’: an Ojibwe Woman’s Life
Linda LeGarde Grover’s ‘Onigamiising’ is lyrical, insightful and very personal
Indian Country Today | Exclusive First Look: Two Recipes From ‘The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen’
In honor of the upcoming Maoominike-giizis, Feast of the Wild Rice Moon in late summer, Sherman shares two indigenous recipes from ‘The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen’
Indian Country Today: Linda LeGarde Grover Talks ‘Onigamiising’
Award-winning author chats about her new essay collection ‘Onigamiising,’ and her hopes for the future
Indian Country Today Media Network: On Sarah Deer's new book
“Native people suffer from a high rate of social ills—drug abuse and addiction, as well as mental and physical health challenges. Experiencing rape has been shown to increase rates of lung disease, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, obesity.”
Indian Country Today: Standing with Standing Rock
Review of Standing with Standing Rock and Interview with the editors from Indian Country Today
Indie Street Reads #74: Alien Phenomenology
Indie Street Radio reviews Ian Bogost's ALIEN PHENOMENOLOGY, OR WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE A THING.
Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources: The Way of Kinship
Anthology of native Siberian literature, edited by Alexander Vaschenko and Claude Clayton Smith, "is an important step in cataloging the richness of Russia’s eastern literary tradition, which is a vastly understudied genre in Russian literature generally."
Inside Health Care Interview with Amy Sullivan
Inside Health Care March 2022 interview with Amy Goodman.
Inside Higher Ed: Hybrid publishing platform Manifold launches in beta form
Manifold, a hybrid publishing platform created by the U of Minnesota Press and CUNY’s Graduate Center, launches in beta form with features supporting experimental scholarly work.
Inside Higher Ed: The Afterlife of the Mind
On Michel Foucault's posthumous publications, including LANGUAGE, MADNESS, AND DESIRE.
Inside Higher Ed: The Prison-House of Data
Inside Higher Ed discusses the digital humanities and mentions DEBATES IN THE DIGITAL HUMANITIES, edited by Matt Gold.
Inside Higher Ed: The Uberfication of the University
Author discusses new book on the relationship between the "sharing economy" and the erosion of faculty rights.
Inside Higher Ed: University Press Realities
University press directors, including UMP's Douglas Armato, demonstrate the value of university presses.
Insight News: "In these written words for social justice there is strength"
Where white supremacy and systemic racism would seek to silence our voices, the shared experiences of these BIPOC authors demand to be heard. In these written words for social justice there is strength. There is resilience. There is power. 
Instructions for dancing: My year with Ellen Willis
Canonball: I mean, you had to know Lindsay Zoladz was eventually going to write something about Ellen Willis.
Intelligent Life: The Search Continues
Humans continue to scan the cosmos for a familiar brand of intelligence while ignoring a deeper form that pulses here at home. Dorion Sagan (author of COSMIC APPRENTICE) writes for The Scientist.
Interchange – Embodied By Prisons: First the Whip, Then the Chains, and Then…
Interview with Lisa Guenther, author of SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.