Isanti County News: Interview with Michael Schumacher

On the1968 presidential election and Schumacher's THE CONTEST.

The Contest (Michael Schumacher)Stating that the 1968 election was one of the closet, most contentious elections in American history, comparable to the most recent presidential election, author Michael Schumacher is excited for his opportunity to share his most recent publication with the community.

On Oct. 24, from 6:30-8 p.m., Schumacher will be at Scout & Morgan Books in Cambridge for an author event, reading and book signing.

Schumacher looks forward to engaging with the audience and exchanging ideas.

“I like to mix it up, so to speak, with my bookstore appearances. I talk a little, read a little, answer questions and exchange ideas with attendees afterward,” Schumacher said. “There never seems to be enough time, but I enjoy it. It’s always great to meet the people interested in your work.”

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By: Tiffany Kafer