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Kirkus Reviews: Johnny's Pheasant
Review with of Johnny's Pheasant by Cheryl Minnema
Kirkus Reviews: Learn more about the creators of science fiction
Featuring THE PERVERSITY OF THINGS by Hugo Gernsback.
Kirkus Reviews on The Face of America
Kirkus Reviews takes a look at a new Children's Theatre Company publication, THE FACE OF AMERICA (edited by Peter Brosius and Elissa Adams)
Kirkus Reviews: Once in a Blue Moon Lodge
A people lover’s book. Characters grow and change; family and friends support each other. Predictable, but comfortably so, this refreshingly simple family tale provides a comfy diversion from the everyday world.
Kirkus Reviews: Plant a Pocket of Prairie
"Could well inspire a new generation of conservationists."
Kirkus Reviews: Sherlock Holmes and the Eisendorf Enigma
A trip to the Mayo Clinic plunges the famed sleuth into an adventure as perilous as the Reichenbach Falls.
Kirkus Reviews: The Beginning and End of Rape
A blunt, trenchant exposé on the history and impact of sexual violence on indigenous tribal nations.
Kirkus Reviews: The Clue in the Trees
A great book for a lazy afternoon: a nod to Nancy that serves up a modern version of the classic teen detective heroine.
Kirkus Reviews: The Shared Room
Mention of The Shared Room by Kao Kalia Yang as part of a Bibliotherapy list
Kirkus Reviews: The Streel
Review of The Streel by Mary Logue
Kirkus Reviews: What God Is Honored Here?
Review of What God Is Honored Here? from Kirkus Reviews
Kitchn: The New Cookbooks We're Most Excited About This Fall
Kitchn's Fall Preview includes The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen.
Kitchn: The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen
Recipe excerpts from The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen by Sean Sherman
KMSP Morning Buzz: Laurentian Divide
With Sarah Stonich.
KMSU Weekly Reader interviews chef Jenny Breen
Chef Jenny Breen discusses her new cookbook, Cooking up the Good Life: Creative Recipes for the Family Table, which she co-authored with writer Susan Thurston. The cookbook is organized by season to emphasize cooking healthy meals with local ingredients. In this interview Jenny suggests some kid-friendly recipes, explains why you shouldn't peel carrots, and illuminates how her path to chefdom was launched by her first high school job: working at McDonald's.
KNPR: The Little Rascals Revisited
Interview with Julia Lee: It was as I got older that I would look back on the films with a great deal of nostalgia but also but also with a lot of questions since as I got older I started to see these problematic racial portrayals that many people commented on in later years.
KNPR: UNLV Professor Breaks Stereotypes While Teaching Literature
Interview with Julia Lee, author of OUR GANG
Knutson’s last stand: in search of an American Viking massacre
Unearthed from a Swedish American farmer’s field in 1898, the Kensington Rune Stone has long aroused the historical imagination of Minnesotans.
KPCC interview with Wendy Cheng: What's the link between identity and place?
Video of the Family Forum event in January 2013.
KPFA Against the Grain: Caregiving in Neoliberal Times
What do neoliberal policies and institutions do to people’s ability to care well for others? According to Sarah Clark Miller, caregivers experience moral precarity and moral injury, brought on by the fact that they can’t care for loved ones in ways that are consistent with their ethical principles.
KPFA Against the Grain: Kondo Critiqued
Does it spark joy? That’s the criterion Marie Kondo has set for deciding which personal belongings to keep, and which to relinquish. Maureen Ryan considers Kondo’s decluttering method and her television show in the context of pervasive burnout and insecurity.
KPFA: Israel/Palestine and Black Liberation; The Politics of Drones
Interview with Keith Feldman, author of A Shadow over Palestine.
KPFA Special Broadcast: A Tribute to Gil Scott Heron and the Black Panther Party
Alondra Nelson, author of BODY AND SOUL: The Black Panther Party and the Fight against Medical Discrimination, is interviewed about 10 minutes into this KPFA show.
KPFA: "Thinking with Thoreau"
Species extinction and loss of biodiversity may seem like twenty-first century concerns, but, according to Wai Chee Dimock, nineteenth-century thinkers like Thoreau anticipated irreversible changes to the natural world. Thoreau, she asserts, was deeply concerned about the fate of both wildlife and Native American populations.
Krystal Kyle & Friends Podcast: Conversation with Catherine Liu
With the war in Ukraine on our minds, we talk to author Catherine Liu about how class position affects daily life, particularly on the issue of war and peace. How does your class identity shape your understanding of and interactions with American militarism? Catherine makes the great point that the massive wealth commanded by the American military’s adventurism is a cost paid by American civilians, and that today’s military conflicts are used to avoid the implementation of a robust healthcare system.
KSTP TV: Northwest Airlines Plane Still Missing 64 Years After Lake Michigan Crash
Interview with Jack El-Hai, author of NON-STOP.
KUMD: Cathy Wurzer on living the life you have
The co-author of WE KNOW HOW THIS ENDS discusses her friendship with Bruce Kramer.
KUMD: Jack and the Ghost
Interview with Chan Poling and Lucy Michell, author and illustrator of Jack and the Ghost
KUMD: Mary Casanova on the power of blueberry pancakes.
Mary Casanova, author, most recently, of 'Wake Up, Island,' on collaboration, breaking the rules, and the power of blueberry pancakes.
KUMD: MN Reads / Andrea Swensson
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