"An all-senses-engaged trip into Burroughs’ beautiful, tragic Mexican world."

Empty Mirror on THE STRAY BULLET.

garcia-robles_stray coverIn 1990, Jorge García-Robles, professor of literature, traveled from Mexico to meet and interview William S. Burroughs in Lawrence, Kansas. Much of the information presented in The Stray Bullet was gleaned from Garcia-Robles’ interviews with Burroughs and those who knew him in Mexico City; extensive research on the Beats’ lives in Mexico filled in the blanks. The Stray Bullet was first published in Mexico in 1995, where it won the Malcolm Lowry Essay Award; it’s now has been deftly translated by Daniel C. Schechter into English and contains a new preface.

Burroughs contributed a written portrait of his Mexican lawyer, Bernabé Jurado for this book, and also supplied previously-unpublished letters written by him while living in Mexico.

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