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AAIHS: On Michelle' Wright's Physics of Blackness
As President Obama finishes out his time in office, Michelle Wright allows us to reflect on the question of whether he was or wasn’t the nation’s “first black president.” President Obama, for people like Donald Trump, has been both too black and not black enough.
ABA on The Sacred Era
American Booksellers Association blog post on Fall 2017's most-recommended titles.
ABC Newspapers Op-ed: "The secret to coping is to avoid helplessness"
Director of the Center for School Change Joe Nathan finds inspiration from Mindy Greiling.
Abstraction and Representation on Equal Terms: A Studio Visit with Denise Green
To greet the publication of Denise Green: An Artist’s Odyssey, artcritical sends contributing editor Jonathan Goodman to the artist’s studio for an in-depth discussion covering the Australian artist’s time in Paris and New York and her contributions both as a visual artist and a writer and editor: an odyssey indeed!
Academe: Living on Campus
Review of Living on Campus by Carla Yanni
Academic freedom with violence.
Authors Roderick A. Ferguson and Jodi Melamed respond to threats to academic freedom.
Access Minnesota: Every angler has a fish story.
Interview with Eric Dregni, author of Let's Go Fishing!
Access Minnesota interviews William Green
Green is author of DEGREES OF FREEDOM.
Access Minnesota: Memoir of a gravedigger's daughter
Issues: What it’s like to grow up around cemeteries; Dealing with the death of a loved one; Is death more difficult to accept in modern culture?
Access Minnesota | The Legacy of Lake Minnetonka
Interview with Eric Dregni, author of BY THE WATERS OF MINNETONKA.
Access Minnesota: The Showman Dudley Riggs
Dudley Riggs transformed the Twin Cities theatre scene in 1958 when his Brave New Workshop introduced audiences to “instant theatre.” Today, the BNW is the longest running improv comedy theater in America and has helped launch the careers of some of Minnesota’s funniest entertainers including Louie Anderson, Liz Winstead and Al Franken. Riggs discusses how he conceived of this new type of theatre and his memoir, “Flying Funning: My Life without a Net.”
Advocate: Iron Curtain Journals a "must-read"
This work is a must-read for those looking to better understand Ginsberg and his times.
Afghan Eye: "An important new study."
This book is based on research with a group of South Eastern Afghan Pakhtuns settled in Brighton, England. The men are first generation refugees with low educational attainment and work as taxi drivers, cooks, kitchen porters etc. These Pakhtuns maintain links with their exiled families in Pakistan and the author journeys on trips back to Pakistan with her Pakhtun research subjects.
Afterellen interview with Kelly Cogswell
The author of EATING FIRE discusses the Lesbian Avengers and activism.
Against Ecological Sovereignty: a scintillating project that aims to hold ecological thinking together with politics, ethics and a sustained anarchist critique of sovereignty
Pagan Metaphysics discusses the book by Mick Smith.
Against Purity on Against the Grain
In our fight against the ravages of capitalism, purity is not the best way to come together collectively and change a damaged world.
Against the Frictionless Interface! An Interview with Lori Emerson
Furtherfield interviews the author of READING WRITING INTERFACES.
Against the Grain: Alexis Shotwell
Interview with Alexis Shotwell, author of Against Purity
Against the Grain: Beyond Education
Interview with Eli Meyerhoff, author of Beyond Education
Against the Grain: Global to Local
Interview with the authors of STRATEGIES FOR SOCIAL CHANGE.
Against the Grain: Internet-Fueled Protest
Interview with Francesca Polletta about the essay she contributed to The Future of Social Movement Research.
Against the Grain interview: The New Geography of Need
U.C. Berkeley professor Margaret Weir discusses her chapter in JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN METROPOLIS (edited by Clarissa Hayward and Todd Swanstrom).
Against the Grain: Johnny's Pheasant
Mention of Johnny's Pheasant by Cheryl Minnema, illustrated by Julie Flett
Against the Grain: Looking to Palestine
Author Keith Feldman (A SHADOW OVER PALESTINE) in a two-part interview.
Against the Grain: Producing Homelessness
Craig Willse reflects on whether homelessness is actively produced by neoliberal capitalism.
Against the Grain: Subprime Health
Interview with Nadine Ehlers, editor of Subprime Health
Against the Grain: The "New Negro" vis-à-vis Africa
Davarian Baldwin, editor of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, joins the program.
Against the Grain: The Pitfalls of Race-Based Medicine
Given the disparities between the lifespans of whites, African Americans, Native Americans and other groups, it might seem to be sensible to gear medicine along racial lines. But sociologist Leslie Hinkson argues that it represents a dangerous turn in science and healthcare. She discusses race, biology, and debt.
Against the Grain: When Soviet Welfare Ended
Interview with Marianna Pavlovskaya regarding her essay in MAKING OTHER WORLDS POSSIBLE.
Agate: Grant Merritt reminds us why we must continue to fight to protect nature.
Grant Merritt describes the lows and highs of his many battles, recalls a pivotal period in Minnesota history, and reminds us why we must continue to fight to protect nature.