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A desire for a more peaceful and just world.
Shampa Biswas is interviewed by Jadaliyya ezine about her book Nuclear Desire: Power and the Postcolonial Nuclear Order.
A Different Kind of Horror: Stig Dagerman's 'Island of the Doomed'
PopMatters reviews Stig Dagerman's ISLAND OF THE DOOMED, which channels visions of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
A feast of words on the cannibal and the edible
Q&A with Valerie Loichot, author of The Tropics Bite Back.
A Few Weeks With "The Northern Heartland Kitchen"
Simple, Good and Tasty reviews Beth Dooley's latest cookbook.
"A full-color, all-senses-engaged trip into Burroughs’ beautiful, tragic Mexican world."
Review of THE STRAY BULLET in Empty Mirror.
A Gardener's Reading: Growing Perennials in Cold Climates
A Northern Gardener (blog) reviews Growing Perennials in Cold Climates by Mike Heger, John Whitman, and Debbie Lonnee.
A Gardener's Reading: The Northern Heartland Kitchen
The Northern Heartland Kitchen, a cookbook by Beth Dooley, reviewed on My Northern Garden. Includes Dooley's carrot-parsley salad recipe.
A History Book for the Future
Brief review of BODY AND SOUL by Alondra Nelson in Real Health Magazine.
A History of Haptics: Electric Eels to an Ultimate Display
HaptX interviews David Parisi.
A lasting Minnesota legacy
The Saint Paul Audubon Society reviews A LOVE AFFAIR WITH BIRDS by Sue Leaf.
A Latent Talent
Review of Mark Dery's I MUST NOT THINK BAD THOUGHTS by Rick McGrath.
A love affair with birds - and photography
Exploring Minnesota's Natural History looks at Sue Leaf's new book.
"A masterpiece of poetry and prose."
A memoir that won’t let you down
Blog tour parts one and two with Rachael Hanel, author of We'll Be the Last Ones to Let You Down.
A model of the California State House in almonds and more
The News-Gazette discusses Pam Simpson's CORN PALACES AND BUTTER QUEENS.
"A must for aviation buffs everywhere."
The Chicago Tribune on NON-STOP.
"A must-have for any film buff"
Out of the Past blog on Thomas Schatz's GENIUS OF THE SYSTEM.
A New Negentropic Subject: Reviewing Michel Serres' Biogea
continent. reviews this book distributed for Univocal Publishing.
A Nonfiction Tour of America: 50 Books for 50 States
Minnesota's is THE MUSIC OF FAILURE by Bill Holm.
A personal & historical take on the city of Duluth
WTIP North Shore Community Radio interviews Michael Fedo, author of ZENITH CITY.
"A phenomenal and fundamental book"
On Sarah Wasserman's THE DEATH OF THINGS/ Dan Sinykin
A picture perfect book for vacation reading
Review of Mary Casanova's Wake Up, Island: "A picture book worth the investment."
A portrait of the poet as a child
Translated now for the first time, Twelve Views from the Distance greatly enhances our understanding of Mutsuo Takahashi and his work.
"A powerful antidote to the one-dimensional portrayal of public housing": Shelterforce review of 'More Than Shelter'
Shelterforce review of 'More Than Shelter' by Amy L. Howard
A Revelatory Dissection of What It Was to Be a Gay Movie Star
"A sharp image of an underserved community."
Review of EATING FIRE by Kelly Cogswell in Windy City Media Group.
"A story of helping the earth to heal itself."
Iowa City author Jacqueline Briggs Martin and her friend Iowa City illustrator Claudia McGehee are both nature enthusiasts. It seems most fitting, then, that the creative duo teamed up to put together a lovely and inspiring new children’s picture book called “Creekfinding: A True Story.”
A teaching moment about politics and Komen
Samantha King, author of PINK RIBBONS, INC., writes an op-ed for CNN.
'A valuable look into the rarely written about world of the Great Lakes salvage business'
Michigan in Books blog reviews THE SALVAGER.
A Veteran's Return: Visiting the bench where my parents' future began.
Peter Smith, author of A CAVALCADE OF LESSER HORRORS and A PORCH SOFA ALMANAC, writes a column for Zocalo Public Square.