Anomaly: Hybrid Child

A classic of Japanese speculative fiction that blurs the line between consumption and creation when a cyborg assumes the form and spirit of a murdered childSometimes I feel like I’ve seen it all, even in speculative fiction. An expansive genre of literature containing elements that do not exist in the real world, speculative fiction promises to deliver endless possibilities. I’m hungry for something different, though not necessarily new (a term I find increasingly problematic). I’m searching for a feeling of captivation: I want a book that will make me sit up and think.


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More than two dozen essays of Indigenous resistance to the privatization and allotment of Indigenous lands

Allotment Stories: Daniel Heath Justice and Jean M. O'Brien.

A fascinating and unprecedented ethnography of animal sanctuaries in the United States

Saving AnimalsElan Abrell and Kathryn (Katie) Gillespie on sanctuary, care, ethics.

How popular debates about the so-called digital generation mediate anxieties about labor and life in twenty-first-century America

Making creative laborers for a precarious economy: Josef Nguyen, Carly Kocurek, and Patrick LeMieux.



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