An Urban Teacher's Education: Police in the Hallways

By James Boutin
An Urban Teacher's Education

Nolan_PoliceA little over a year ago, just before I left New York, the University of Minnesota Press sent me a copy of Police in the Hallways for my review. I only just read it, and now I'm kicking myself. The knowledge and insights I gained could have helped me not only this past year, but my entire career.

Police in the Hallways is written by Kathleen Nolan, a lecturer in the teacher preparation program at Princeton, and is the culmination of her work studying a school (which she refers to at Urban Public High School, or UPHS) confronting the effects of poverty, violence, police presence, and zero tolerance policies. Once a teacher in the South Bronx, Nolan returns (to a different school) to try to answer some key questions.

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