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The Minnesota Reports

Reports for the MMPI-2, developed by James N. Butcher, PhD, and MMPI-A, developed by James N. Butcher, PhD, and Carolyn L. Williams, PhD.

Trusted by qualified professionals for over 30 years, the Minnesota Report™ provides comprehensive MMPI®-2 interpretive reports for use in psychological evaluation.

Developed by noted MMPI®-2 expert James N. Butcher, PhD, these reports are available for purchase through our distributor, Pearson Assessments.

Available reports:

Adult Clinical System-Revised, Fourth Edition -  Provides clinicians with MMPI®-2 interpretations for individuals seen in various settings including mental health, medical, correctional, and alcohol and drug treatment.

Revised Personnel System, Third Edition - Presents MMPI®-2 evaluations of the mental health status of job applicants for high-risk occupations such as police, firefighters, airline pilots, and nuclear power plant operators.

Reports for Forensic Settings - Offers practitioners MMPI®-2 reports for child custody, personal injury, competency hearings, and correctional settings.



A version of the Minnesota Report™ was developed in 1992 when the first MMPI® instrument designed specifically for adolescents - the MMPI®-A - was introduced. It was recently updated to take into account ongoing research on the MMPI®-A and the changing needs of test users.

Minnesota Report™ developer James N. Butcher worked with noted MMPI® and adolescent expert Carolyn L. Williams in the development and update of the Adolescent Interpretive System, Second Edition. It is available for purchase through our distributor, Pearson Assessments.