Permissions & Ordering Information

Information about requesting permission to reproduce a portion of a test instrument in a publication or research, as well as ordering information for the SNAP-2 and MTDDA test materials.

Please note: Test materials are available directly from Pearson Assessments, the exclusively licensed distributor of all MMPI-3, MMPI-2-RF, MMPI-2, MMPI-A-RF, MMPI-A, and MPQ test products.

A Level "C" qualification is required to purchase MMPI® materials from Pearson Assessments, please see the user qualifications. Please contact their customer service department to place an order or if you have product questions.

Pearson Assessments
Phone: (800) 627-7271 or 952-681-3232
Fax: (800) 632-9011 or 952-681-3299
Web: Pearson Assessments

RESEARCH REQUESTS for the mmpi and mpq

To request permission to use one of the MMPI instruments or the MPQ in research, please complete one of the forms below:

Student Research Permission Request Form

Non-Student Research Permission Request Form


To reproduce a portion of a test instrument in a book or journal publication, complete the form below:

Permission to Reproduce Test Materials Form

snap-2 and mtdda

For information on using the SNAP-2, please contact Dr. Lee Anna Clark at .

The Press makes the MTDDA Test Booklet / Clinical Record Form available for research. Please note that only the booklet / record form is available (not the entire set of test materials; for more information, click here). To request the MTDDA Test Booklet / Clinical Record Form, please complete one of the research permission request forms above.


The Press does not allow for the reproduction of test items in dissertations / thesis, journal articles, books or online.

All permission requests should be sent as e-mail attachments to:

University of Minnesota Press Test Division