Forensic Applications of the MMPI-2-RF Book-Based Exam

Overview on the book-based exam for Martin Sellbom & Dustin Wygant's Forensic Applications of the MMPI-2-RF


The material presented in the course is based on forensic applications of the MMPI-2-RF. The course provides a broad overview of the MMPI-2-RF, including interpretative strategy and review of the Validity Scales, as well as general uses of the instrument in forensic settings. The book covers the most common forensic applications of the instrument.  In doing so, the book provides a brief overview of the various psycho-legal issues and addresses how the MMPI-2-RF can be incorporated into forensic psychological evaluations. 

The book content builds on the general foundations of the MMPI-2-RF through specific case analyses involving the most common psycho-legal questions (e.g., competency to stand trial, child custody). Each chapter includes a case study with a full MMPI-2-RF profile illustrating the interpretation and integration of test data into clinical and diagnostic impressions and generating forensic opinions. 

The book-based exam tests examinees’ acquired knowledge of the basic foundations of the MMPI-2-RF, the foundations for using the instrument in forensic settings, and specific applications of the instrument across specific forensic settings.    



After taking this course you will be able to- 

  1. Discuss the rationale for development of the MMPI-2-RF.
  2. Discuss the rationale for using the MMPI-2-RF in forensic settings.
  3. Explain how the MMPI-2-RF meets various criteria for admissibility in court proceedings.
  4. Interpret the Validity Scales of the MMPI-2-RF to assess response bias.
  5. Explain various uses of the MMPI-2-RF in criminal and civil forensic settings. 

Author disclosure statement: Martin Sellbom and Dustin Wygant are paid consultants to the MMPI publisher, the University of Minnesota, and distributor, Pearson. They both receive funding from the Press for research support. 

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