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Forensic Settings Reports

Developed by MMPI expert James N. Butcher, PhD, the MMPI-2 Forensic Settings Reports are customized for six settings: Child Custody, Personal Injury, (Neurological), Corrections & more.


The Minnesota Report: Reports for Forensic Settings is available for purchase through our distributor, Pearson Assessments.

Author: James N. Butcher, PhD
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press
Distributor: Pearson Assessments

The Report presents the following scales:

• Validity and Clinical Scales profiled and interpreted
• Content Scales profiled and interpreted
• Supplementary Scales profiled with alcohol/drug scales interpreted
• Superlative Self-Presentation Scale reported only
• Clinical Subscales (Harris-Lingoes and Social Introversion Subscales) reported only
• Content Component Scales reported only

Lists of omitted items and Gass Head Injury items (Personal Injury Neurological setting only) are also provided.

In addition, this report series is customized for six forensic settings. Each of the reports provides an objective narrative assessment of your client's responses and compares the profile data to data from setting-specific research samples.

The settings are:

• Child Custody
• Personal Injury
• Personal Injury (Neurological)
• Pre-trial Criminal
• General Corrections
• Competency/Commitment

The narrative includes the following sections:

• Symptomatic Patterns
• Profile Frequency 
• Profile Stability
• Interpersonal Relations
• Mental Health Considerations
• Setting-Specific