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MMPI-2-RF Scales

An outline of the 51 scales that comprise the 338-item MMPI-2-RF.

The 338 item MMPI-2-RF consists of 51 scales.

Higher-Order (H-O) 
Restructured Clinical (RC) 
Personality Psychopathology Five (PSY-5)

Validity Indicators

    CNS -   Cannot Say

    VRIN-r -Variable Response Inconsistency

    TRIN-r -True Response Inconsistency

    F-r -       Infrequent Responses

    Fp-r -     Infrequent Psychopathology Responses

    Fs -        Infrequent Somatic Responses

    FBS-r -  Symptom Validity

    RBS -    Response Bias

    L-r -       Uncommon Virtues

    K-r -       Adjustment Validity

    Higher-Order (H-O) Scales

    EID -   Emotional / Internalizing Dysfunction 
    THD - Thought Dysfunction 
    BXD - Behavioral / Externalizing Dysfunction

    Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales

    RCd-(dem) -Demoralization  
    RC1-(som) -Somatic Complaints 
    RC2-(lpe) -  Low Positive Emotions 
    RC3-(cyn) -  Cynicism  
    RC4-(asb) - Antisocial Behavior 
    RC6-(per) -  Ideas of Persecution 
    RC7-(dne) - Dysfunctional Negative Emotions 
    RC8-(abx) - Aberrant Experiences 
    RC9-(hpm) -Hypomanic Activation

    Somatic / Cognitive Scales

    MLS - Malaise  
    GIC -  Gastro-Intestinal Complaints 
    HPC -Head Pain Complaints 
    NUC -Neurological Complaints 
    COG -Cognitive Complaints

    Internalizing Scales

    SUI -  Suicidal/Death Ideation 
    HLP - Helplessness/Hopelessness 
    SFD - Self-Doubt 
    NFC -Inefficacy  
    STW -Stress / Worry  
    AXY - Anxiety  
    ANP -Anger Proneness 
    BRF - Behavior-Restricting Fears 
    MSF -Multiple Specific Fears

    Externalizing Scales

    JCP - Juvenile Conduct Problems 
    SUB -Substance Abuse 
    AGG -Aggression  
    ACT - Activation

    Interpersonal Scales

    FML - Family Problems 
    IPP -   Interpersonal Passivity

    SAV - Social Avoidance  
    SHY - Shyness  
    DSF - Disaffiliativeness

    Interest Scales

    AES -  Aesthetic-Literary Interests 
    MEC - Mechanical-Physical Interests

    PSY-5 (Personality Psychopathology Five) Scales, Revised

    AGGR-r - Aggressiveness-Revised 
    PSYC-r - Psychoticism-Revised 
    DISC-r -  Disconstraint-Revised 
    NEGE-r -Negative Emotionality / Neuroticism - Revised 
    INTR-r -   Introversion / Low Positive Emotionality-Revised