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The essential source for new thought in this rapidly expanding field.

The Moving Image explores topics relevant to both the media archivist and the media scholar. The Moving Image deals with crucial issues surrounding the preservation, archiving, and restoration of film, video, and digital moving images. The journal features detailed profiles of moving image collections; interpretive and historical essays about archival materials; articles on archival description, appraisal, and access; behind-the-scenes looks at the techniques used to preserve, restore, and digitize moving images; and theoretical articles on the future of the field.

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  • Volume 19 - Issue 2 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 19 - Issue 2

    Editor’s Foreward by Devin Orgeron
    Market Research as Portraiture: Thomas Hope Sketches the Audiovisual Industry by Kit Hughes
    The Pivotal Role of Student Labor in the Clarke Historical Library’s Moving Image Access and Preservation Project by Marian J. Matyn and Tressa Graves
    “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility”: A Perspective on Wild Wild Country and Television News Footage Citation in the Epic Documentary by Bill Goetz
    Gay Atlanta at the Dawn of the Millennium: The OutTV Atlanta Video Archive by Kathryn Michaelis
    Rescuing The Gunfighter: A Lost Film Reconstructed from an Ancient Home Movie Edition by Christopher Bird
    “When I Saw My First DVD, I Knew It Was All Over”: An Interview with Distributor Kit Parker by Tanya Goldman with Kit Parker
    Finding the Film Archive: A Comparison between Milan and Canberra in Times of COVID-19 by Victoria Duckett
    Zoom Interview with Matteo Pavesi by Victoria Duckett
    Zoom Interview with Meg Labrum by Victoria Duckett
    Book review of Silent Cinema: A Guide to Study, Research, and Curatorship by Paolo Cherchi Usai, British Film Institute, 2019, review by Brian Real
    Book review of Cinema’s Military Industrial Complex Edited by Haidee Wasson and Lee Grieveson, University of California Press, 2018, review by Audrey Amidon and Heidi Holmstrom
    Book review of Rediscovering U.S. Newsfilm: Cinema, Television, and the Archive Edited by Mark Garrett Cooper, Sara Beth Levavy, Ross Melnick, and Mark Williams, Routledge, 2018, review by Gracia Ram.rez
    Book review of “Documentary Now! And Then . . .” Documentary across Platforms: Reverse Engineering Media, Place, and Politics by Patricia R. Zimmermann, Indiana University Press, 2019, review by Melissa Dollman
    Book review of Return to the Land of the Head Hunters: Edward S. Curtis, the Kwakwaka’wakw, and the Making of Modern Cinema Edited by Brad Evans and Aaron Glass,University of Washington Press, 2020, review by Jennifer L. Jenkins
    Book review of Bad Film Histories: Ethnography and the Early Archive by Katherine Groo, University of Minnesota Press, 2019, review by Travis L. Wagner
    Book review of Main Street Movies: The History of Local Film in the United States by Martin L. Johnson, Indiana University Press, 2018, review by N. M. Bunce
    Book review of Our Family Album Edited by Charles Musser and Maria-Threese Serana, John Libbey, 2019, review by Brian Real
    Book review of Ainsi naquit Hollywood: Avant l’âge d’or, les ambitions de la Triangle et des premiers studios by Marc Vernet, Armand Colin, 2018, review by Clara Auclair
    Distributor and producer review of Undercrank Productions, review by Rob King
    DVD review of Resgate da obra cinematográfica de Gerson Tavares (Rescue of Gerson Tavares’s Cinematographic Work) Coleção Gerson Tavares (Gerson Tavares Collection), DVD distributed by Associação Cultural Tela Brasilis, 2015, review by Angelica Gasparotto de Oliveira
    Blu-ray review of Reevaluating Documentary Aesthetics: Kirsten Johnson’s Cameraperson, Cameraperson Blu-ray distributed by The Criterion Collection, 2017, review by Mina Radovic
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    Table of Contents, Volume 19 - Issue 1

    Editors’ Foreword by Donald Crafton and Susan Ohmer
    Guest Editor’s Foreword: Archives and Pedagogy by Alice Lovejoy
    The University Archive: Early Motion Picture Collecting in the United States and the Efforts to Develop the National Film Negative Library by Alexander Kupfer
    Sweet Magic: The Preservation of Helen Hill’s Cinema by Anne Major
    Experimentations in Television’s Archivability: Visions of a Television Archive at MoMA by Lauren Bratslavsky
    Special Focus Features: Archives and Pedagogy
    Model Archives: Pedagogy’s Role in Creating Diverse, Multidisciplinary Archival Users by Vincent Longo
    “Pagan Constellations in the Sky”: (Re)Animating Muybridge in the Film History Classroom by Colin Williamson
    Teaching the Materiality of Film by Bregt Lameris and Barbara Flueckiger
    AV Archaeology: Excavating Film in University Special Collections by Trent S. Purdy and Jennifer L. Jenkins
    From 700 to 1: Using Limitations to Create New Knowledge 109 Philip Hallman and Matthew Solomon
    Teaching Media History through—and in—the Twin Cities and Its Archives by Alice Lovejoy
    Against Walt Disney’s Corporate Education: Walter Breckenridge’s Nature Films as Scientific Investigation by Anaïs Nony
    Entertainment, Art, or Education? The Emergence of Film Studies in the Twin Cities by Nichole M. Neuman
    Making and Breaking a Queer Film in the Twin Cities by Olga Tchepikova-Treon
    The Joy of Words: Craig Leyland on the Oxford English Dictionary’s One Hundred New Film Entries by Susan Ohmer and Donald Crafton with Craig Leyland
    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Digital Archives: Digital Archiving Practices at the Swedish Film Institute by Frida Bonatti with Per Legelius
    Conference review of Northeast Historic Film Summer Symposium: The Political/The Personal, July 19–21, 2018, Bucksport, Maine by Brian Real
    Book review of Film Is Like a Battleground: Sam Fuller’s War Movies by Marsha Gordon Oxford University Press, 2017, review by Donald Crafton
    Book review of Show Trial: Hollywood, HUAC, and the Birth of the Blacklist by Thomas Doherty, Columbia University Press, 2018, review by Christine D’Auria
    DVD/Blu-Ray review of Big_Sleep™, DVD/Blu-ray distributed by Video Data Bank, 2015, review by Jonathan Farbowitz
  • Volume 18 - Issue 2 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 18 - Issue 2

    Editors’ Foreword by Donald Crafton and Susan Ohmer
    Rooster Play: Pathé Frères and the Beginnings of In-Frame Trademarks by Jan Olsson
    Riding, Shooting, Viewing: Railroads, Amusement Parks, and the Experience of Place in Early Hollywood by Dimitrios Latsis
    Belonging to the Interwar World: Tracing the Travelogues of Colin Ross by Nico de Klerk
    A Record for Your Television: The Capacitance Electronic Disc’s History of Failure by Jimi Jones and Landon Palmer
    Secrets of the Night: The Discovery and Preservation of a “Lost” Silent Film by Brock Silversides and Christina Stewart
    The Persistence of Plantation Paternalism: Moving Image Representations of Agriculture on O‘ahu, Hawai‘i by Monique Mironesco
    Horrible Histories of Cinema: Archival Outreach at the Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé by Tim Palmer and Liza Palmer with Anne Gourdet-Marès
    Book Review of The American Marshall Plan Film Campaign and the Europeans: A Captivated Audience? by Maria Fritsche Bloomsbury, 2018, review by Joachim Schätz
    Blu-Ray review of Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers, review by Jeremy Carr
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    Table of Contents, Volume 17 - Issue 2

    Editors’ Foreword: Digital Tools and Networks by Donald Crafton and Susan Ohmer
    Guest Editors’ Foreword: Digital Humanities and/in Film Archives by Dimitrios Latsis and Grazia Ingravalle
    Archives for Education: The Creative Reuse of Moving Images in the United Kingdom by Shane O’Sullivan
    Toward a Public Media Archaeology: Museums, Media, and Historiography by Philipp Dominik Keidl
    Film Analysis as Annotation: Exploring Current Tools by Liliana Melgar Estrada, Eva Hielscher, Marijn Koolen, Christian Gosvig Olesen, Julia Noordegraaf, and Jaap Blom
    A Digital Humanities Approach to Film Colors by Barbara Flueckiger
    (Micro)film Studies by Maria Antonia Velez-Serna
    Tracing a Community of Practice: A Database of Early African American Race Film by Marika Cifor, Hanna Girma, William Lam, Shanya Norman, and Miriam Posner, with Karla Contreras and Aya Grace Yoshioka
    The Amateur Movie Database: Archives, Publics, Digital Platforms by Charles Tepperman
    The Amateur City: Digital Platforms and Tools for Research and Dissemination of Films Representing the Italian Urban Landscape by Paolo Simoni
    Mapping the Traces of the Media Arts Center Movement by Lindsay Kistler Mattock
    The Short Film Pool Project: Saving Short Films from Oblivion in the Digital Era by Simona Monizza
    Conference Report on Transformations I: Cinema and Media Studies Research Meets Digital Humanities Tools (April 15-16, New York City) by Marina Hassapopoulou
    Book Review of The Arclight Guidebook to Media History and the Digital Humanities, edited by Charles R. Acland and Eric Hoyt, review by Bregt Lameris
    Blu-Ray review of 3-D Rarities, review by Jeremy Carr
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    Table of Contents, Volume 17 - Issue 1

    Editors’ Foreword by Donald Crafton and Susan Ohmer
    Film Lecturing on Behalf of the National Audubon Society: Roger Tory Peterson’s Wild America (1953) by Carol Donelan
    Building a DIY Genre Film Festivals Web Resource to Empower Digital Scholarship and Cultural Heritage Participation by Linda L. Rath
    Risen from the Ashes: The Complex Print History of Carl Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) by Stephen Larson
    David Shepard (1940–2017) by Jan-Christopher Horak
    David Shepard: Excerpts from an Oral History by Ed Carter
    Remembering David Shepard by Kevin Brownlow, N. Ciccone, Patrick Loughney, Mike Mashon, David Pierce, and Pamela Wintle
    The “Flickering Truth” of Film Archives: An Interview with Pietra Brettkelly by Susan Ohmer, Donald Crafton, and Pietra Brettkelly
    Memories of Media: An Interview with Carine Tardieu by Tim Palmer
    Saul Bass: Anatomy of Film Design by Jan-Christopher Horak. Review by Julie A. Turnock.
    Choreographing the Connections between Dance and the Screen The Oxford Book of Screendance Studies, edited by Douglas Rosenberg. Review by Karen Backstein
    The Arclight Guidebook to Media History and the Digital Humanities edited by Charles R. Acland and Eric Hoyt. Review by Liza Palmer
    A Richly Curated Museum The Promise of Cinema: German Film Theory, 1907–1933 edited by Anton Kaes, Nicholas Baer, and Michael Cowan. Review by Alexander Erik Larsen.
    The Virtual Body of Art: Reflections on the Impossibility of Material Continuation. Wirtualne Ciało Sztuki: Ochrona i Udostępnianie Dziel Audiowizualnych (The Virtual Body of Art: The Preservation and Access of Audiovisual Art) by Elżbieta Wysocka. Review by Hanna B. Hölling.
  • Volume 16 - Issue 2 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 16 - Issue 2

    Editors’ Foreword by Donald Crafton and Susan Ohmer
    3mm: The Smallest Gauge by Marsha Gordon and Dino Everett
    The Beginnings and the Ends of Film: Leader Standardization in the United States and Canada (1930–1999) by Matthew Soar
    Action, Avatar, Ecology, and Empire: Databases, Digitality, Death, and Gaming in Werner Herzog’s Arctic by Scott MacKenzie, Anna Westerståhl Stenport, and Garrett Traylor
    Digital Super 8mm: Evaluating the Contribution of Digital Technologies to Film Archives in Latin America by Beatriz Tadeo Fuica and Julieta Keldjian
    The “Much Vexed Problem” of Nontheatrical Distribution in the Late 1910s by Richard Abel
    Film Catalogs as Epistemology—A Memoire by Scott MacDonald
    Interview with Stig Björkman on Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words by Susan Ohmer and Donald Crafton
    Rendering a Realistic Elsewhere: Contextualizing Location in A Day in the Country and The River, Blu-ray/DVD editions distributed by The Criterion Collection, 2015 by Jen Bircher
  • Volume 16 - Issue 1 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 16 - Issue 1

    Editors’ Foreword by Susan Ohmer and Donald Crafton
    Guest Editor’s Foreword: Early Cinema and the Archives by Tami Williams
    The Ludic Archive: The Work of Playing with Optical Toys by Meredith A. Bak
    The Beginnings of Cinema as a Museum Exhibit: The Cases of the Smithsonian Institution and the Science Museum in London by Dimitrios Latsis
    Insight and Axioms: Harold G. Brown and the Identification of Early Films by Sabine Lenk
    Who’s Trending in 1910s American Cinema? Exploring ECHO and MHDL at Scale with Arclight by Derek Long, Eric Hoyt, Kevin Ponto, Tony Tran, and Kit Hughes
    Data-Driven Research for Film History: Exploring the Jean Desmet Collection by Christian Gosvig Olesen, Eef Masson, Jasmijn Van Gorp, Giovanna Fossati, and Julia Noordegraaf
    “Digital Desmet”: Translating Early Applied Colors by Barbara Flueckiger, Franziska Heller, Claudy Op den Kamp, and David Pfluger
    Reclaiming “Lost” Films: The Paper Print Fragment Collection and the American Film Company by Colin Williamson and Dana Driskel
    Ephemera as Medium: The Afterlife of Lost Films by Paul S. Moore
    Méliès’s Voyage Restoration: or, The Risk of Being Stuck in the Digital Reconstruction by Martin Bonnard
    The Media Ecology Project: Library of Congress Paper Print Pilot by Mark Williams
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    Table of Contents, Volume 15 - Issue 2

    Editors’ Foreword. Susan Ohmer and Donald Crafton
    The “Family Film” as Amateur Production Genre: Frank Marshall’s Comic Narratives. Ryan Shand
    Film Documentation of the Destruction of Lidice: Political and Ethical Dimensions of the Use of War Footage. Lucie Česálková
    Breaking Away from Reverence and Rape: The AFI Directing Workshop for Women, Feminism, and the Politics of the Accidental Archive. Philis M. Barragán Goetz
    The Remix Age: Exhibition as Archive. Viva Paci
    Remixing Early Cinema: Historical Explorations at the EYE Film Institute Netherlands. Grazia Ingravalle
    Amateur Cinema: The Rise of North American Moviemaking, 1923-1960 by Charles Tepperman. University of California Press, 2015. Liz Czach
    Ride the Pink Horse (1947). Blu-ray and DVD ditributed by the Criterion Collection, 2015. Ronald Wilson
    Bastard Film Encounter, April 23-26, 2015, Raleigh, North Carolina. Andy Uhrich
  • Volume 15 - Issue 1 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 15 - Issue 1

    Editors’ Foreword. Susan Ohmer and Donald Crafton
    Guest Editor’s Foreword: Restoring Color. Joshua Yumibe
    The Exhibition Context and the Contemporary Significance of Color: The Case of Kinemacolor. Victoria Jackson
    Color Analysis for the Digital Restoration of Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari. Barbara Flueckiger
    We’ve Got Bigger Problems: Preservation during Eastman Color’s Innovation and Early Diffusion. Heather Heckman
    Falling in (to) Color: Chromophilia and Tom Ford’s A Single Man (2009). Kirsten Moana Thompson
    Le Livre de fabrication de la compagnie générale des phonographes cinématographes et appareils de précision: The Pathé Frères Laboratory Logbook of Joinville-Le-Pont (1906– 1908). Céline Ruivo
    Hand-Painted Abstractions: Experimental Color in the Creation and Restoration of Ballet mécanique. Rossella Catanese, Guy Edmonds, and Bregt Lameris
    Kevin Brownlow on Film Color. Victoria Jackson and Sarah Street
    On the Restoration History of Colored Silent Films in Germany: An Interview with Martin Koerber. Bregt Lameris
    Spectrum Analysis: Discussing the Films of Paul Sharits with Bill Brand, Chris Hughes, John Klacsmann, and Andrew Lampert. Spectrum Analysis: Discussing the Films of Paul Sharits with Bill Brand, Chris Hughes, John Klacsmann, and Andrew Lampert. Federico Windhausen
    Films You Saw in School: A Critical Review of 1,153 Classroom Educational Films (1958-1985) in 74 Subject Categories by Geoff Alexander. McFarland, 2014. Review by Snowden Becker.
    Screen Culture and the Social Question 1880-1914 edited by Ludwig Vogl-Bienek and Richard Crangle. John Libbey Publishing, 2013. Review by Cheryl C. Boots
    Amateur Filmmaking: The Home Movie, the Archive, the Web edited by Laura Rascaroli, Gwenda Young, and Barry Monahan. Bloomsbury Academic, 2014. Review by Dwight Swanson
    L'amore in città. Blu-ray distributed by Raro Video, 2014. Review by Jeremy Carr.
    Things to Come. Blu-ray distributed by the Criterion Collection, 2013. Review by Eliot Chayt.
    On the Bowery: The Films of Lionel Rogosin, Volume I. Blu-ray distributed by Milestone Cinematheque, 2012. Review by Eric Lackey
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    Table of Contents, Volume 14 - Issue 2

    Editors’ Forward. Susan Ohmer and Donald Crafton
    Firing Line and The Black Revolution. Heather Hendershot
    Phase IV: Saul Bass’s Sci-fi Vision Lost and Regained. Sean Savage
    Something Weird This Way Comes: Mike Vraney (1957–2014) David Church
    Framing Race in the Arizona Borderlands: The Western Ways Apache Scouts and Sells Indian Rodeo Films. Jennifer L. Jenkins
    As the Archive Turned: Writing Film Histories without Films. Eric Smoodin
    Archives and Their Film Collection in a Digital World, or: What Futures for the Analog Print? Sabine Lenk
    Orphan Jackie: The Unexpected Rediscovery of Kiss My Lips, Artchie. Eric Cheevers
    Book Review: Learning with the Lights Off: Educational Film in the United States. Edited by Devin Orgeron, Marsha Orgeron, and Dan Streible. Oxford University Press, 2012. Joseph Clark.
    Book Review: Hollywood's Copyright Wars: From Edison to the Internet by Peter Decherney. Columbia University Press, 2012. Rick Prelinger
    Blu-Ray Review: Come Back, Africa: The Films of Lionel Rogosin, Volume II .Blu-ray distributed by Milestone Cinematheque, 2014. Caitlin McClune
    Blu-Ray Review: World on a Wire (1973). Blu-ray distributed by the Criterion Collection, 2012. Brian Faucette
    Blu-ray and DVD Review: Underground (1928). Blu-ray and DVD (dual edition) distributed by BFI, 2013. Robert Byrne
    Conference Review: Wunderkino IV: Visions of House and Home: Fifteenth Annual Northeast Historic Film Summer Symposium. July 24-26, 2014, Bucksport, Maine. Liz Czach
    Conference Review: A Numerate Film History? Cinemetrics Looks at Griffith, Sennett, and Chaplin (1909–17). March 1, 2014, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. Zdenko Mandušić
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    Table of Contents, Volume 14 - Issue 1

    Editors’ Foreword
    Editors’ Foreword. Susan Ohmer and Donald Crafton
    Animation and Alienation: Bergson’s Critique of the Cinématographe and the Paradox of Mechanical Motion. Tom Gunning
    The Archival Situation of Georgian Cinema. Jerry White
    That’s Not All, Folks! Excavating the Warner Bros. Archives. Emily Carman
    No Birds, No Bees, No Moralizing: Lester F. Beck, Progressive Educational Filmmaker. Elizabeth Peterson and Michael Aronson
    Spectacular Evangelist: Aimee Semple McPherson in the Fox Newsreel. Nathan Saunders
    Amateur Film: Meaning and Practice, 1927-77 by Heather Norris Nicholson, Manchester University Press, 2012. Ryan Shand
    Three Outlaw Samurai (1964). Blu-ray distributed by the Criterion Collection, 2012. Michael Baskett
    Yasujiro Ozu: The Student Comedies. DVD distributed by the British Film Institute, 2012. Yasujiro Ozu: The Gangster Films. DVD distributed by the British Film Institute, 2013. Robert Byrne
    Word Is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives (1977). DVD distributed by Milliarium Zero, 2010. Sho Ogawa
    American Treasures from the New Zealand Film Archives. DVD distributed by the National Film Preservation Foundation/Image Entertainment, 2013. Kirsten Moana Thompson
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    Table of Contents, Volume 13 - Issue 2

    Editors’ Foreword. Donald Crafton and Susan Ohmer
    The Revolution Will Be Archived: Cuba’s Noticiero ICAIC Latinoamericano. Mariana Johnson
    Wolper’s New Frontier: Studio Documentary in the Kennedy Era. Josh Glick
    “I Have Seen the Future”: Home Movies of the 1939 New York World’s Fair. Caitlin McGrath
    What To Do with a Coffin Full of Sugar: Gloria Swanson, Kenneth Anger, and Self-Authorship in the Star Collection. Anne Helen Petersen
    “The Entire Motion Picture Industry Presents”: The World Is Ours (1938). Catherine Jurca
    A Companion to Early Cinema. Edited by André Gaudreault, Nicolas Dulac and Santiago Hidalgo. Wiley-Blackwell, 2012. Stephen Bottomore
    Moving Color: Early Film, Mass Culture, Modernism by Joshua Yumibe. Rutgers University Press, 2012. Luke McKernan
    Cinema’s Alchemist: The Films of Péter Forgács. Edited by Bill Nichols and Michael Renov. University of Minnesota Press, 2011. William C. Wees
    Die Nibelungen (1924). Blu-ray distributed by Kino International and Masters of Cinema, 2012. Robert Byrne
    Tokyo Drifter (1966) and Branded to Kill (1967). DVDs distributed by the Criterion Collection, 2011. Hiroshi Kitamura
    The War Room (1993). DVD distributed by the Criterion Collection, 2011. Jill Kozeluh
    Wunderkino 2.0: On the Varieties of the Cinematic Experience: Northeast Historic Film Summer Symposium, July 26-28, 2012, Bucksport, Maine. Leo Goldsmith
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    Table of Contents, Volume 13 - Issue 1

    Editor’s Foreword
    Editor’s Foreword. Marsha Gordon
    From Nitrate to Digital Archive: The Davide Turconi Project. Alicia Fletcher and Joshua Yumibe
    When Film Went to College: A Brief History of the USC Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive. Dino Everett and Jennifer Peterson
    Imperfect Archives and the Principle of Social Praxis in the History of Film Preservation in Latin America. Janet Ceja Alcalá
    The Making of the National Film Archive of India: Notes from the Archive of the Archive. Ramesh Kumar
    From Colorization to Orphans: The Evolution of American Public Policy on Film Preservation. Brian Real
    The Education of an Archivist: Keeping Movies at the Library of Congress. Paul C. Spehr
    How Film (and Video) Found Its Way into “Our Nation’s Attic”: A Conversation about the Origins of Audiovisual Collecting and Archiving at the Smithsonian Institution. Kimberly Tarr and Wendy Shay
    Oh, Pioneers! The Academy’s Embrace of Early Film History, 1945-1951. Barbara Hall
    Cinema as Artifact and Event: Peter Kubelka as Curator, Archivist, and Media Theorist. Juan Carlos Kase and Kirston Johnson
    “Then Began the Battle Royal”: Marion Michelle and the FIAF Crisis. Sabine Lenk and André Stufkens
    Starting from Nothing: The Art of Creating a Film Archive. Nicolette Bromberg with Hannah Palin
    Les Images d’archives face à l’histoire: de la conservation à la création (The Image Archives’ Encounter with History: From Preservation to Production) by Laurent Véray. SCÉRÉN-CNDP-CRDP, 2011. Janet Bergstrom
    The Past is a Moving Picture: Preserving the Twentieth Century on Film by Janna Jones. University Press of Florida, 2012. Jennifer L. Jenkins
    Early Cinema Today, KINtop1: The Art of Programming and Live Performance. Edited by Martin Loiperdinger. John Libbey, 2012. Daniel Wiegand and Brian Real
    Wings (1927). Blu-ray and DVD distributed by Paramount, 2012. Rob Byrne
    Anatomy of a Murder (1959). DVD distributed by the Criterion Collection, 2012. Matthew Connolly
    Harold and Maude (1971). DVD distributed by the Criterion Collection, 2012. Alyxandra Vesey
    2012 Archival Education and Research Institute. July 9-13, 2012, Los Angeles. Snowden Becker
    Time Networks: Screen Media and Memory--NECS 2012 Conference. June 21-23, 2012, Lisbon. Eva Sanchez Rodríguez
    Orphans 8: Made to Persuade (The Eighth Biennial Orphan Film Symposium) April 11-14, 2012, Astoria, Queens. Rachael Stoeltje with Martha Harsanyi
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    Table of Contents, Volume 12 - Issue 2

    Editors’ Foreword. Marsha Orgeron and Devin Orgeron
    “Is This Pay-TV to Be the End for Us?”: Film Exhibitors Confront Pay Television, 1968-1976. Deron Overpeck

    Jasper Rigole’s Quixotic Art Experiments with Home Movies and Archival Practices: The International Institute for the Conservation, Archiving and Distribution of Other People’s Memories (IICADOM). Gerda Cammaer
    Pittsburgh (1959): “Equilibriums of Paradox” and the Bicentennial City of Tomorrow. Sean P. Kilcoyne
    Round the World and Back Again: Mapping the Cultural and Historic Significance of the Adelaide Pearson Film Collection. Kimberly Tarr
    Screening the Stage Irishman: Irish Masculinity in Early American Cinema, 1895-1907. Peter Flynn
    Out of Print: The Changing Landscape of Print Accessibility for Repertory Programming. May HaDuong
    Restoring The Spanish Dancer (1923). Rob Byrne
    Stardust Monuments: The Saving and Selling of Hollywood by Alison Trope, Dartmouth College Press, 2012. Peter Decherney
    Saving Cinema: The Politics of Preservation by Caroline Frick, Oxford University Press, 2011. Jan-Christopher Horak
    The Phantom Carriage (1921). Blu-ray distributed by Criterion, 2011. Rob Byrne
    The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter, DVD distributed by Clarity Educational Productions, 2007. Melissa Dollman
    Treasures 5: The West, 1898-1938, DVD distributed by the National Film Preservation Foundation/Image Entertainment, 2011. Laura Horak
    Georges Méliès: First Wizard of Cinema (1896-1913), DVD distributed by Flicker Alley, 2008. Georges Méliès Encore: New Discoveries (1896-1911), DVD distributed by Flicker Alley, 2010. Matthew Solomon
    Welcome Back: Association of Moving Image Archivists Annual Conference, November 16-19, 2011, Austin, Texas. Melissa Dollman
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    Table of Contents, Volume 12 - Issue 1

    Editors’ Foreword. Marsha Orgeron and Devin Orgeron
    La Rabbia (1963), DVD distributed by Raro Video, 2011. Leo Goldsmith
    Private Century (2005-7) DVD distributed by Facets Video, 2009. Daniel Mauro
    Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, 2011: Sonic Truth. June 18 - 24, 2011, Colgate University, Hamilton, New York. Irene Gustafson
    Hidden Cinema of the Southwest and Mexico. February 25 - 26, 2011, Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona, Tucson. Amanda D. Howard
    Making Meaning of the Audiovisual Archive: FilmForum 2011. April 5 - 14, 2011, Udine and Gorizia, Italy. Ramesh Kumar
    Pressed into the Service of Cinema: Issues in Preserving the Software of Hollis Frampton and the Digital Arts Lab. Andy Uhrich
    Access and the Experimental Film: New Technologies and Anthology Film Archives’ Institutionalization of the Avant-Garde. Kristen Alfaro
    Archiving, Distribution, and Experimental Moving Image Histories. Julia Knight
    Encounters with the Real: Historicizing Stan Brakhage’s The Act of Seeing with one’s own eyes. Juan Carlos Kase
    Experimental /Avant-Garde Moving Images and the Archive: A Virtual Roundtable. Devin Orgeron and Marsha Orgeron
    Marginalization: Historical/Terminological. Scott MacDonald
    “Still Separate ... but Equal”? Margaret Parsons
    Notes from a Cautious Optimist. Haden Guest
    Artist as Archivist in the Digital Transition. Bill Brand
    At This Moment. Timoleon Wilkins
    Experimental Film on the Digital Doorstep. Bob Brodsky and Toni Treadway
    In Search of Sight-Specific Cinema. Ross Lipman
    “The Archives of our Memory”: Hollis Frampton’s Marmoreal Mammary. Ken Eisenstein
    Unessential Cinema: An Interview with Andrew Lampert. Joel Schlemowitz
    Archives and Images as Repositories of Time, Language, and Forms from the Past: A Conversation with Daniel Eisenberg. Frances Guerin
    When Visual Art Meets Cinema: The Reconstruction of “Projekt I - ‘90” by Peter Struycken. Gert Hoogeveen and Simona Monizza
    Who Is Going to Look at That? Experiences, Possibilities, and Pitfalls of Keeping Experimental Film in a Mid-sized Film Archive. Annette Groschke, Martin Koerber, and Daniel Meiller
    Optic Antics: The Cinema of Ken Jacobs. Edited by Paul Arthur, David E. James, and Michele Pierson. Oxford University Press, 2011. Erika Balsom
    Meshes of the Afternoon by John David Rhodes. Palgrave Macmillan, 2011. Alla Gadassik.
    The Filming of Modern Life: European Avant-Garde Films of the 1920s by Malcolm Turvey. The MIT Press, 2011. Tom Kemper
    On the Camera Arts and Consecutive Matters: The Writings of Hollis Frampton by Hollis Frampton, edited and with an introduction by Bruce Jenkins. The MIT Press, 2009. John Klacsmann
    Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945–2000. Edited by Steve Anker, Kathy Geritz, and Steve Seid. University of California Press, 2010. Federico Windhausen
    The Films of Alan Berliner, DVD distributed by Kino Lorber, Inc., 2011. Roger Beebe
    The Complete Magick Lantern Cycle, directed by Kenneth Anger. Blu-Ray distributed by BFI, 2009. Eliot Chayt
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    Table of Contents, Volume 11 - Issue 2

    Editors’ Foreword. Marsha Orgeron and Devin Orgeron
    Surplus Material: Archives, History, and Innovation in Czechoslovak Army Films. Alice Lovejoy
    Dealing with Domestic Films: Methodological Strategies and Pitfalls in Studies of Home Movies from the Predigital Era. Cecilia Mörner
    “Have You Heard It Yet?” Advertising the First American Sound Films in Sweden. Christopher Natzén
    Swedish Inventor Sven Berglund’s Little-Known Achievements in the Development of Motion Picture Optical Sound Recording. Robert J. Heiber
    A Testimonial Dinner for Joseph I. Breen. Thomas Doherty
    Reconstructing Thanhouser: The Twenty-Five Year Journey of a Citizen Archivist. Ned Thanhouser
    Object Lessons: An Introduction to an Interview with Jan Švankmajer That Turned into an Essay by Jan Švankmajer. Devin Orgeron and Marsha Orgeron
    Cabinets of Wonders: On Creating and Collecting. Jan Švankmajer. Translated from the Czech by Gabriel M. Paletz and Ondřej Kálal
    Academic Films for the Classroom: A History by Geoff Alexander, McFarland, 2010. Margaret A. Compton
    From Grain to Pixel: The Archival Life of Film in Transition by Giovanna Fossati, Amsterdam University Press, 2009. Diana Little
    Universal Women: Filmmaking and Institutional Change in Early Hollywood by Mark Garrett Cooper, University of Illinois Press, 2010. Luci Marzola
    Miss Mend. DVD distributed by Flicker Alley, 2009. Dan Erdman
    The Italian Straw Hat. DVD distributed by Flicker Alley, 2010. Shari Kizirian
    Chaplin at Keystone Restored. DVD distributed by Flicker Alley, 2010. Charles Maland
    Under Full Sail: Silent Cinema on the High Seas. DVD distributed by Flicker Alley, 2009. Rielle Navitski
    La Roue. DVD distributed by Flicker Alley, 2008. Richard Suchenski
    Taxonomy in Action: International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives-Association of Moving Image Archivists Annual Conference. November 2–6, 2010, Philadelphia. Joshua Ranger
    Reimagining the Archive: Remapping and Remixing Traditional Models in the Digital Era, November 12–14, 2010, University of California, Los Angeles. Claudy Op den Kamp
    The Ascension of the Amateur: Saving Private Reels: Presentation, Appropriation and Recontextualization of the Amateur Moving Image. September 17–19, 2010, Cork, Ireland; The Center for Home Movies 2010 Digitization and Access Summit. September 22–24, 2010, Culpeper, Virginia. Maija Howe
  • Volume 10 - Issue 2 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 10 - Issue 2

    Editors’ Foreword. Marsha Orgeron and Devin Orgeron
    Football’s Wine Cellar: The NFL Films Archive. Travis Vogan
    Al Brick: The Forgotten Newsreel Man at Pearl Harbor. Greg Wilsbacher
    “It Is Entertainment, and It Will Sell Bonds!”: 16mm Film and the World War II Bond Campaign. Kathryn Cramer Brownell
    “Go Away Back to Berwick and Die!”: The Blackhill Campaign, the Coal Industry, and the British New Wave. Leo Enticknap
    Representation and Ethics in Moving Image Archives. Nina Rao
    Interview with Thomas G. Smith, Educational Filmmaker. Amanda R. Keeler
    The Search for Karl Brown. Kevin Brownlow
    Hidden Talent: The Emergence of Hollywood Agents by Tom Kemper. University of California Press, 2010. Lisa Dombrowski
    Mining the Home Movie: Excavations in Histories and Memories edited by Karen L. Ishizuka and Patricia R. Zimmermann. University of California Press, 2007. Yvonne Ng
    Screens: Viewing Media Installation Art by Kate Mondloch. University of Minnesota Press, 2010. Holly Willis
    Douglas Fairbanks: A Modern Musketeer. Flicker Alley, 2008. Paula Marantz Cohen
    The Lost and Found RKO Collection. Turner Classic Movies Vault Collection, 2008. Richard B. Jewell
    The National Parks: America’s Best Idea. Public Broadcasting Service Video, 2009. Andrea Leigh
    Charles Gagnon: 4 Films. Spectral Media, 2009. Scott MacKenzie
    Living Room Cinema: Films from Home Movie Day, Volume 1. Center for Home Movies, 2007. Daniel Mauro
    Colección Mosaico Criollo: Primera antología del cine mudo Argentino (First Argentine Silent Film Anthology). Museo del Cine-Pablo Ducrós Hicken, 2009. Michael Talbott
    No Guts, No Glory: The Medical Film Symposium. January 20-23, 2010, Philadelphia. Liz Coffey
  • Volume 7 - Issue 2 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 7 - Issue 2

    Editor’s Foreword. Karen F. Gracy
    Framers of the Kept: Against the Grain Appraisal of Ephemeral Moving Images. Timothy Wisniewski
    A History of the Newsreel in Canada: A Struggle For Screen Time. Rosemary Bergeron
    Commercial Video Collections: A Preservation Survey of the Avery Fisher Center Collection at NYU. Paula De Stefano and Mona Jimenez
    The Missing Link: Content Indexing, User-Created Metadata, and Improving Scholarly Access to Moving Image Archives. Kevin Andreano
    Moving Image Technology: From Zoetrope to Digital by Leo Enticknap.Wallflower Press, 2005. Doron Galili
    The First Lady of Hollywood: A Biography of Louella Parsons by Samantha Barbas. University of California Press, 2005. Mary Desjardins
    Encyclopedia of Early Cinema Edited by Richard Abel. Routledge, 2005. Oliver Gaycken
    Peach Girl (Taohua qi xue ji) (1931) Directed by Bu Wancang. DVD from San Francisco Silent Film Festival. The Goddess (Shennü) (1934) Directed by Wu Yonggang. DVD and book. Ruan Ling-Yu: The Goddess of Shanghai by Richard J. Meyer. University of Hong Kong Press, 2005. Michael Baskett
    The Journal of Short Film. Volume 1, Fall 2005. Rich Housh
    Coming Out Under Fire (1994). Directed by Arthur Dong. DVD from DeepFocus Productions, 2003. Barak Kushner
  • Volume 7 - Issue 1 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 7 - Issue 1

    Editor’s Foreword. Karen F. Gracy
    Something Different in Science Films: The Moody Institute of Science and the Canned Missionary Movement. Marsha Orgeron and Skip Elsheimer
    Henry Strauss and the Human Relations Film: Social Science Media and Interactivity in the Workplace. Heide Solbrig
    Movies of Local People and a Usable Past: Mill Town Treasures and Transcendent Views, 1936 - 1942. Stephanie Elaine Stewart
    Criteria for the Use of Digital Technology in Moving Image Restoration. Julia Wallmüller
    Fifth Orphan Film Symposium: Science, Industry, and Education. University of South Carolina, March 22-25, 2006. Regina Longo
    Watching Wildlife by Cynthia Chris. University of Minnesota Press, 2006. Jan-Christopher Horak
    Tunes for ‘Toons: Music and the Hollywood Cartoon by Daniel Goldmark. University of California Press, 2005. Amy Lawrence
    Andy Warhol Screen Tests: The Films of Andy Warhol, Catalogue Raisonné, Volume One by Callie Angell. Harry N. Abrams, 2006. Ara Osterweil
    The Stanley Kubrick Archives Edited by Alison Castle. Taschen, 2005. Gabriel M. Paletz
    Subjects and Sequences: A Margaret Tait Reader Edited by Peter Todd and Benjamin Cook. Lux, 2004; Columbia University Press, 2006. Ryan Shand
    Fox Film Noir (Laura, Call Northside 777, Panic in the Streets, House of Bamboo, Nightmare Alley, The Street with No Name). Dana Polan
    Brats: Our Journey Home (2005) Directed by Donna Musil. Brats without Borders, 2005. J. Emmett Winn
    Unseen Cinema: Early American Avant-Garde Film 1894-1941. Curated by Bruce Posner; produced for DVD by David Shepard. Distributed by Image Entertainment and Anthology Film Archives, 2005. William C. Wees
    Winter Soldier (1972). Produced by the Winterfilm Collective. DVD from Milliarium Zero/Milestone, 2006. Ron Wilson
    Cabin Field (2005). Directed by Laura Kissel. Julia Zay
  • Volume 6 - Issue 2 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 6 - Issue 2

    Editor’s Introduction. Jan-Christopher Horak
    Just Another Form of Ideology? Ethical and Methodological Principles in Film Restoration. Andreas Busche
    The Library of Congress Film Project: Film Collecting and a United State(s) of Mind. Janna Jones
    Mitchell and Kenyon, Archival Contingency, and the Cultural Production of Historical License. Nathan Carroll
    Mobile Home Movies: Travel and le Politique des Amateurs. Devin Orgeron
    My Saga of the Newly Discovered Estate of Erich von Stroheim. Rick Schmidlin
    Silent Film Exhibition and Performative Historiography: The Within Our Gates Project. Anna Siomopoulos and Patricia Zimmermann
    The Birth of a Black Cinema: Race, Reception, and Oscar Micheaux’s Within Our Gates. Anna Siomopoulos
    Revisiting and Remixing Black Cinema. Patricia Zimmermann
    Media Antecedents to Within Our Gates: Weaving Disparate Threads. John L. Hochheimer
    The Spoken Word in Within Our Gates: Revisited and Remixed. Grace An
    Interview with Fe Nunn. Anna Siomopoulos and Grace An
    Museum Movies: The Museum of Modern Art and the Birth of Art Cinema by Haidee Wasson. University of California Press, 2005. Barbara Selznick
    Hollywood and the Culture Elite: How the Movies Became American by Peter Decherney. Columbia University Press, 2005. Heidi Kenaga
    A Line of Sight: American Avant-Garde Film since 1965 by Paul Arthur.University of Minnesota Press, 2005. The Most Typical Avant-Garde: History and Geography of Minor Cinemas in Los Angeles by David E. James. University of California Press, 2005. Jan-Christopher Horak
    American Cinema’s Transitional Era: Audiences, Institutions, Practices Edited by Charlie Keil and Shelly Stamp. University of California Press, 2004. Kristen Anderson Wagner
    Walden (1969) Filmed and edited by Jonas Mekas. VHS from Re:Voir Video Editions. Joshua Mabe
    Why We Fight directed by Eugene Jarecki. Sony Pictures Classics, 2005. Jill Kozeluh
    Notre Musique (2004) written and directed by Jean-Luc Godard. Produced by Avventura Films. In the Realms of the Unreal (2004) directed by Jessica Yu. Produced by Diorama Films. DVDs from Wellspring Media. Lindy Leong