Cultural Critique

Cultural Critique
Editors: John Mowitt, Cesare Casarino, Simona Sawhney and Maggie Hennefeld, Editors
The path-breaking journal of cultural criticism.

Cultural Critique provides a forum for creative and provocative scholarship in the theoretical humanities and humanistic social sciences. Transnational in scope and transdisciplinary in orientation, the journal strives to spark and galvanize intellectual debates as well as to attract and foster critical investigations regarding any aspect of culture as it expresses itself in words, images, and sounds, across both time and space. The journal is especially keen to support scholarship that engages the ways in which cultural production, cultural practices, and cultural forms constitute and manifest the nexus between the aesthetic, the psychic, the economic, the political, and the ethical intended in their widest senses. While informed by the diverse traditions of historical materialism as well as by the numerous critiques of such traditions from various parts of the globe, the journal welcomes contributions based on a variety of theoretical-methodological paradigms.

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  • Volume 49 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 49

    Introduction: The Task of the Editor
    National Adequation and Critical Originality
    The Neo-Enlightenment Aesthetics of Jürgen Habermas
    The 'Epic Novel': Charismatic Nationalism and the Avant-Garde in Latin America
    Forgetting Benjamin
    Cultural Investigations and Critical Thought
    Toward the Redialectization of Historical Materialism-Labor and Language
    Traditional vs. Critical Cultural Theory
    Resolving Doubts with Roberto Schwarz: An Interview
    Carpentier, Alejo, Music in Cuba
    Matto de Turner, Clorinda, Torn From the Nest
    Rotker, Susana,The American Chronicles of José Martí: Journalism and Modernity in Spanish America
    Book Reviews
    Avelar, Idelber, The Untimely Present: Postdictatorial Latin American Fiction and the Task of Mourning
  • Volume 48 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 48

    The Biopolitics of the Killer Virus Novel
    L.A.'s "White Minority": Punk and the Contradictions of Self-Marginalization
    The Building of a Superhighway Future at the New York World's Fair
    The Cowboy Businessman and "The Course of Empire": Owen Wister's The Virginian
    The Dialectics of Dandyism
    "To Come Walking": Reinterpreting the Institution and the Work of Samuel Weber
    Itinerary of a Though: Stuart Hall, Cultural Studies, and the Unresolved Problem of the Relation of Culture to "Not Culture"
    Crafting the Culture and History of French Chocolate by Susan J. Terrio
    Book Reviews
    Empire by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri
  • Volume 46 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 46

    Introduction: Trauma and Its Institutional Destinies
    The Aesthetics of Dismemberment: Surrealism and the Musee du Val-de-Grace in 1917
    Bombs, Birth, and Trauma: Henry Moore's and D. W. Winnicott's Prehistory Figments
    Wounds of Repetition in the Age of the Digital: Chris Marker's Cinematic Ghosts
    Disciplining Traumatic History: Goldhagen's Impropriety
    The Negative Way of Trauma: Georges Bataille's Story of the Eye
    The Berserk Style in American Culture
    Traumatic Shame: Toni Morrison, Televisual Culture, and the Cultural Politics of the Emotions
    Trauma Envy Politics in the Age of Sex: Clinton, Leadership, Love
  • Volume 45 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 45

    What's in a Name? Questioning "Globalization"
    Revisiting the Culture Industry Thesis: Mass Culture and the Commodity Form
    Environmental Orientalisms
    African Conscripts/European Conflicts: Race, Memory, and the Lessons of War
    Women, Religion, and the Postcolonial Arab World
    Safe House? Body, Building, and the Question of Security
    The Psychopathology of Everyday Children's Literature Criticism
  • Volume 44 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 44

    Virtual Empires
    "A Kiss of Cosmic Pool Balls": Technological Paradigms and Narrative Expectations Collide in The Crying Lot of 49
    Terror and Emancipation: The Disciplinarity and Mythology of Computers
    Score, Scan, Schiz: Dick on Drugs
    Acts of Union: Sexuality and Nationalism, Romance and Realism in the Irish National Tale
    Interpenetrations: A Cultural Study of the Relationship Between the Gay/Lesbian Niche Market and the Gay/Lesbian Political Movement
    "In Time of Plague": AIDS and Its Significations in Hervè Guibert, Tony Kushner, and Thom Gunn
  • Volume 43 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 43

    The Man from Nowhere
    Fixing the Nation's Problem: When a Sweet Bird of Youth Crosses the Line
    On the Degradation of the Political Life in a Certain Type of Object Choice Made by Men
    The Quest for a Transcendent Foundation of "The Law" in the Discourse of Impeachment
    The Organizational Imaginary
    Reactionary Moralities; or, Why a Political Clone of the Right Had to Be Impeached From the Mouths of Politicians: Representing Children in the Public Sphere
    The President and the Baseball Player
    There's No Place Like Home: On William J. Bennett's Death of Outrage
  • Volume 42 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 42

    Is There History after Eurocentrism? Globalism, Postcolonialism, and the Disavowal of History
    Symptomatic Correspondences: The Author's Case in Eighteenth-Century Britain
    Nits Make Lice: Drogheda, Sand Creek, and the Poetics of Colonial Extermination
    Reading the Native Informant Reading: The Art of Passing on Empathy in Beloved
    Eating Blake, or An Essay on Taste: The Case of Thomas Harris's Red Dragon
    Local Color: The Southern Plantation in Popular Culture
    Androgyny and Transcendence in Contemporary Corporate and Popular Culture
  • Volume 41 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 41

    Horace Pippin and the African American Vernacular
    The Gendered Subject of Human Rights: Asian American Literature as Postcolonial Intervention
    Can the Settler Speak? Appropriating Subaltern Silence in Janet Frame's The Carpathians
    "Ladies," "Gentlemen," and "Colored": "The Agency of (Lacan's Black) Letter" in the Outhouse
    "Karmic Realignment": Transnationalism and Trauma in The Simpsons
    Race, Land, Nation: A(t)-Tribute to Raymond Williams
    Deleuze, Monet, and Being Repetitive
  • Volume 39 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 39

    Identities and Identity Studies: Reading Toni Cade Bambara's "The Hammer Man"
    The Intellectual's Deaf-Mute, or (How) Can We Speak beyond Postcoloniality?
    Apocalypse 2001; or, What Happens after Posthistory?
    Love, Danger, and the Professional Ideology of Hollywood Cinema
    At the Thresholds of the "Human": Race, Psychoanalysis, and the Replication of Imperial Memory
    Tough Babies or Anger in the Superior Position
    Peronism and the Secret History of Cultural Studies: Populism and the Substitution of Culture for State
  • Volume 38 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 38

    Quine's Ambivalence
    Other Questions: Phillis Wheatley and the Ethics of Interpretation
    The Problem of the Color Line: Segregation, Politics, and Historical Writing
    (Post)Colonialism, Anthropology, and the Magic of Mimesis
    "All Silent . . . Only One Singing": Contraditions in the Brazil of Cassiano Ricardo's Martim Cerere
    "Schoolboy Pyschology": Freud's Classical Education and the Institutionalization of Psychoanalytic Knowledge
    Negotiating Homes: Morality as a Scarce Good
  • Volume 37 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 37

    The Politics of Postmodern Feminism, Revisited
    Clues and Intimations: Freud, Holmes, Foucault
    Peopling the Stage: Opera, Otherness, and New Musical Representations in the Eighteenth Century
    Is the Glass Half-Empty or Half-Full? Rethinking the Problems of Postcolonial Revisionism
    Race, Rape, and Representation: Indo-Caribbean Women and Cultural Nationalism
    De-Essentializing Interracial Representations: Black and White Border-Crossings in Spike Lee's Jungle Fever and Octavia Butler's Kindred
    The End of Community and the Politics of Grammar
  • Volume 35 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 35

    Dividing the Indivisible: The Fissured Story of the Manhattan Project
    Excessive Pre/Requisites: Vietnam through the East German Lens
    Of Canons, Colonies, and Critics: The Ethics and Politics of Postcolonial Joyce Studies
    Concerning Violence: The Limits and Circulations of Gandhian Ahisma or Passive Resistance
    The Erasure of Places and the Re-Siting of Empire in Wendy Law-Yones' The Coffin Tree
    Foucault in America: Biography, "Culture War," and the New Consensus
  • Volume 34 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 34

    Race Talk and The Bell Curve Debate: The Crisis of Democratic Vision
    Three Theories of the Race of W. E. B. Du Bois
    "Never shoulda been let out the penitentiary": Gangsta Rap and the Struggle over Racial Identity
    "Uplift the Race!": Coming to America, Do the Right Thing, and the Poetics and Politics of "Othering"
    History and Utopian Desire: Fredric Jameson's Dialectical Tribute to Northrop Frye
    Baudrillar, After Hours, and the Postmodern Suppression of Socio-Sexual Conflict
    Nintendo and Telos: Will You Ever Reach the End?
    A Shock Therapy of the Social Consciousness: The Nature and Cultural Function of Russian Necrorealism
  • Volume 33 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 33

    The Commodity-Body-Sign: Toward a General Economy of "Commodity Fetishism"
    The Ideology of Dialogue: The Bakhtin/De Man (Dis)Connection
    Postcolonialism's Possibilities: Subcontinental Diasporic Intervention The Practical Theorizing of Michel Foucault: Politics and Counter-Discourse
    Black Bodies of Knowledge: Notes on an Effective History Paulo Freire and the Academy: A Challenge from the U.S. Left
    Strategic Credulity: Oz as Mass Cultural Parable
  • Volume 32 Contents Purchase This Issue

    Table of Contents, Volume 32

    Can the Postcolonial Critic Speak? Orientalism and the Rushdie Affair
    Despotism from Under the Veil: Masculine and Feminine Readings of the Despot and the Harem
    Black and White World: Race, Ideology, and Utopia in Triton and Star Trek
    "Let Freedom Ringt": Free Jazz and African-American Politics
    Technico-Military Thrills and the Technology of Terror: Tom Clancy and the Commission on the Disappeared
    Disney World and Posthistory Literary History and the Problem of Oppositional Practice in Contemporary Poetry