Art and Performance

Shooting from the Hip: Photography, Masculinity, and Postwar America Shooting from the Hip Photography, Masculinity, and Postwar America Patricia Vettel-Becker 2005 Spring
Visually traces the portrayal of the American male
Carnal Art: Orlan’s Refacing Carnal Art Orlan’s Refacing C. Jill O’Bryan 2004 Fall
An in-depth exploration of the surgical performances of the artist Orlan
Sowing Empire: Landscape and Colonization Sowing Empire Landscape and Colonization Jill H. Casid 2004 Fall
Identifies the cultivation and landscaping of colonies as one of the primary ways imperial nations justified their empires
Light in the Dark Room: Photography and Loss Light in the Dark Room Photography and Loss Jay Prosser 2004 Fall
Explores photography not as a document of the past but rather as a realization of what we have lost
The Rise of Fashion: A Reader The Rise of Fashion A Reader Daniel Leonhard Purdy, Editor 2004 Fall
A remarkable anthology of key writings that parallels the history of fashion with modern life
Art, Performance, Media: 31 Interviews Art, Performance, Media 31 Interviews Nicholas Zurbrugg, Editor 2004 Spring
Avant-garde artists discuss their work, their lives, the art world—and each other
What the Body Cost: Desire, History, and Performance What the Body Cost Desire, History, and Performance Jane Blocker 2004 Spring
Reexamines rebelliousness and desire in the history of performance art
The Miller Collection of Roman Sculpture: Mythological Figures and Portraits The Miller Collection of Roman Sculpture Mythological Figures and Portraits Richard Brilliant 2004 Fall
A tour through an important private collection with one of the world’s foremost art historians
Clement Greenberg: A Life Clement Greenberg A Life Florence Rubenfeld 2004 Spring
The only book-length biography of this controversial critic, now in paperback for the first time!
The Culture Game The Culture Game Olu Oguibe 2003 Fall
An acclaimed artist and cultural provocateur reveals the hidden biases of the contemporary art world
Compelling Visuality: The Work of Art in and out of History Compelling Visuality The Work of Art in and out of History Claire Farago and Robert Zwijnenberg, Editors 2003 Fall
Explores what we actually see, touch, and experience when looking at art
Aesthetic Subjects Aesthetic Subjects Pamela R. Matthews and David McWhirter, Editors 2003 Spring
Demonstrates the remarkable resurgence of interest in the aesthetic
Brain of the Earth’s Body: Art, Museums, and the Phantasms of Modernity Brain of the Earth’s Body Art, Museums, and the Phantasms of Modernity Donald Preziosi 2003 Spring
A major scholar considers the role of the museum in art history
Alfred Maurer: The First American Modern Alfred Maurer The First American Modern Daphne Anderson Deeds 2003 Fall
A welcome overview of the career of a significant yet often overlooked American painter
Charles Biederman Charles Biederman Susan C. Larsen and Patricia McDonnell 2003 Fall
The most comprehensive resource on this major American artist