Art and Performance

The Culture Game The Culture Game Olu Oguibe 2003 Fall
An acclaimed artist and cultural provocateur reveals the hidden biases of the contemporary art world
Compelling Visuality: The Work of Art in and out of History Compelling Visuality The Work of Art in and out of History Claire Farago and Robert Zwijnenberg, Editors 2003 Fall
Explores what we actually see, touch, and experience when looking at art
Aesthetic Subjects Aesthetic Subjects Pamela R. Matthews and David McWhirter, Editors 2003 Spring
Demonstrates the remarkable resurgence of interest in the aesthetic
Brain of the Earth’s Body: Art, Museums, and the Phantasms of Modernity Brain of the Earth’s Body Art, Museums, and the Phantasms of Modernity Donald Preziosi 2003 Spring
A major scholar considers the role of the museum in art history
Alfred Maurer: The First American Modern Alfred Maurer The First American Modern Daphne Anderson Deeds 2003 Fall
A welcome overview of the career of a significant yet often overlooked American painter
Charles Biederman Charles Biederman Susan C. Larsen and Patricia McDonnell 2003 Fall
The most comprehensive resource on this major American artist
Nacho López, Mexican Photographer Nacho López, Mexican Photographer John Mraz 2003 Spring
Reveals the career of an influential but under-appreciated photojournalist
Alternative Art New York Alternative Art New York Julie Ault, Editor 2002 Fall
A multifaceted history of New York’s influential alternative art scene during a time of rapid social change.
Culture Incorporated: Museums, Artists, and Corporate Sponsorships Culture Incorporated Museums, Artists, and Corporate Sponsorships Mark W. Rectanus 2002 Spring
An exposé of the hidden costs of corporate funding of the arts
Representing Place: Landscape Painting and Maps Representing Place Landscape Painting and Maps Edward S. Casey 2002 Spring
A richly illustrated look at landscapes, maps, and their relation to place
The Dubious Spectacle: Extremities of Theater, 1976-2000 The Dubious Spectacle Extremities of Theater, 1976-2000 Herbert Blau 2001 Fall
A retrospective collection by the reigning theorist of theater and performance in our time.
The Tilted Arc Controversy: Dangerous Precedent? The Tilted Arc Controversy Dangerous Precedent? Harriet F. Senie 2001 Fall
A comprehensive look at a controversy that continues to fuel debates about the role of public art in America.
Selected Works: The Minneapolis Institute of Art Selected Works The Minneapolis Institute of Art Sandra LaWall Lipshultz 2002 Fall
A richly illustrated guide to the highlights of this world-renowned collection.
Rome: A City out of Print Rome A City out of Print Rose Marie San Juan 2001 Fall
An intriguing look at what printed materials tell us about daily life and public space in seventeenth-century Rome.
Between Street and Mirror: The Drawings of James Ensor Between Street and Mirror The Drawings of James Ensor 2001 Fall
The first major book devoted solely to the drawings of this influential artist.