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Pioneer Press: Rest in peace Shad Rafferty, you big-hearted Irishman, saloon owner and amateur detective
“Writers have a compulsion to keep at it,” he says. “Our imaginations and skills remain at a level I can sustain, at least for a while yet anyway.” 09/13/2022 News Item
"The Sherlock of St. Paul": Minnesota Monthly on Larry Millett "The Sherlock of St. Paul": Minnesota Monthly on Larry Millett
Minnesota Monthly features author Larry Millett and his new, local Sherlock Holmes novel THE MAGIC BULLET. 09/13/2022 News Item
Star Tribune: She's tough, that Addie Strongwood
FICTION: In Larry Millett’s seventh Sherlock Holmes mystery, a working girl goes on trial in the murder of her wealthy lover. 09/13/2022 News Item
Fesler-Lampert Minnesota Heritage Book
The mission of this series is to republish new editions of significant out-of-print books that contribute to our understanding and appreciation of Minnesota ... 02/16/2012 Series
Larry Millett makes the case for saving midcentury architecture
MinnPost reviews MINNESOTA MODERN. 09/13/2022 News Item
Traditional Mysteries blog reviews The Magic Bullet
Larry Millett's locked-room mystery novel THE MAGIC BULLET is reviewed by the blog Traditional Mysteries. 09/13/2022 News Item