University of Minnesota Press's Quadrant initiative is revolutionizing interdisciplinary publishing and collaborative scholarship


Program to launch online research archive and book series

Press Release Date: 2010-12-06T00:00:00

Quadrant, an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded partnership between the University of Minnesota Press and the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), brings universities, scholars, and university presses together to transform current models of scholarly communication and publication on the environment, health, architecture and design, and global culture. Creating a collaborative environment for developing book manuscripts, Quadrant sponsors scholars from around the world who come to Minnesota to engage in public presentations, workshops, and colloquia. This month, Quadrant launches an innovative digital archive of research and the Quadrant Books series, designed to revolutionize interdisciplinary publishing and collaborative scholarship.

Since its inception in 2007, Quadrant has hosted faculty from 13 departments at the University of Minnesota to develop the research of 31 residential fellows and visiting scholars from 8 countries and 30 universities. Now with the launch of the Quadrant web site (, the program delivers on its promise to create a new digital infrastructure to facilitate and promote collaborative scholarship, as well as pioneer an archive model of scholarly publishing. With information about Quadrant scholars, news and events, and books, the site’s most innovative feature is the “project” section. There each fellow and many of the visiting scholars will use archive space to make scholarly materials such as maps, recorded lectures, historical photographs, empirical datasets, articles, interviews, and more available for their individual book projects and ongoing research.

The project archives will do no less than reinvent the book, presenting a broad, inclusive, interdisciplinary view of an author’s research beyond the limits of what can be accommodated within a monograph and making that research accessible to an audience worldwide. As the archives further develop, visitors to the site will be able to access a wide range of materials that augment Quadrant Books. The web site is a further step in building the Minnesota model of institution-wide collaboration and, like the University of Minnesota Press imprint, takes scholarship well beyond disciplinary and campus boundaries.

Kelly Quinn, a former Quadrant fellow, comments “Quadrant offers an intellectually stimulating environment for participants to sample and survey current scholarship in a range of disciplines and practices. As our larger public discourse has been diminished by anti-intellectual screeds, I very much appreciate and admire Quadrant as an important site where we can develop, test, and share ideas. This practice should be at the heart of the mission of a university.”

The Quadrant Books series launched this fall with the publication of Rebecca R. Scott’s Removing Mountains: Extracting Nature and Identity in the Appalachian Coalfields and Rebirth of the Clinic: Places and Agents in Contemporary Health Care edited by Cindy Patton. In spring 2011 two more Quadrant books will be published: Laura Ogden’s Swamplife: People, Gators, and Mangroves Entangled in the Everglades and Lisa Anna Richey and Stefano Ponte’s Brand Aid: Shopping Well to Save the World.

For more information on Quadrant, please contact Heather Skinner, Publicist, at or 612-627-1932.

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