Honorable Mention for the Katherine Singer Kovacs Prize: Posthegemony

Posthegemony by Jon Beasley-Murray has received honorable mention for the Katherine Singer Kovacs Prize

Dec 08, 2011

BeasleyMurray_posthegemonyPosthegemony: Political Theory and Latin America by Jon Beasley-Murray, assistant professor of Hispanic studies at the University of British Columbia, has received an honorable mention for the Katherine Singer Kovacs Prize. The book will be on display as part of this prize at the 2012 Modern Language Association meeting in Seattle.


Posthegemony is an investigation into the origins, limits, and possibilities for contemporary politics and political analysis. Challenging dominant strains in social theory, Jon Beasley-Murray contends that cultural studies simply replicates the populism that conditions it, and that civil society theory merely nourishes the neoliberalism that it sets out to oppose.

"In Posthegemony, Jon Beasley-Murray provides a superbly written and insightful theoretical evaluation of the shifting relation between culture and state in Latin America."
—Gareth Williams, author of The Other Side of the Popular: Neoliberalism and Subalternity in Latin America