Who Cares? Empowering Asian Pacific Islander caregivers to find viable solutions for an overlooked, neglected work force.

Hyphen Magazine discusses author Robyn Rodriguez's (MIGRANTS FOR EXPORT) current research.

Rodriguez_Migrants coverIn the Excelsior neighborhood of San Francisco, a group of about 15 Filipino caregivers are seated in a bright yellow room at the Filipino Community Center, chatting animatedly in Tagalog.

This training is part of the Caregiver Research (CARE) Project, a grassroots effort that supports caregivers, who assist the elderly, adults with mental or physical disabilities and those suffering from other chronic conditions. The project aims to empower the caregivers to find viable solutions for a work force that is often ignored and highly unregulated, which leads to gross violations of these workers’ rights, safety and health.

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Published in: Hyphen Magazine
By: Nicole Wong