Wall Street Journal: 5 Tales of Top-Shelf Book People

From the dimly lit world of antiquarian booksellers to the cramped offices of small publishers, a tour of literature’s unglamorous adventurers.

A wry, unvarnished chronicle of a career in the rare book trade—now in paperback

Mr. Deutsch is skeptical of the traditional marketplace as an index for measuring the true value of good reading. "Few used bookstores are likely to keep their doors open for donations," Gary Goodman suggests in The Last BooksellerMr. Goodman's Saint Croix Antiquarian Booksellers, known far beyond its Stillwater, MN location, closed in 2017... Now largely retired from the business, he can afford to view it with a measure of wry detachment. Employing a comic touch that recalls Sean Diary of a Bookseller, Mr. Goodman reminisces about walking into a soon-to-close used bookshop in 1982 and deciding on a whim to buy it. 

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