Tangled Up in Food: Homemade

By Stacy Brooks
Tangled Up in Food

Ojakangas_Homemade coverIn addition to stories, Homemade includes over 40 recipes spanning a lifetime, from the Finnish rye bread that won the teenage Ojakangas a trip to the state fair to the sponge cake she demonstrated on Martha Stewart's television show.  Most of the recipes rely on basic ingredients and well-described techniques, making them accessible to novices as well as seasoned cooks.  As soon as I finished the book, I baked a loaf of the prize-winning Finnish rye bread.  The recipe was easy to follow and even included alternate instructions for making the dough with a food processor or bread machine (I opted for the old-fashioned hand-kneading approach).  I was treated to a delightfully flavorful loaf of bread that disappeared within a matter of hours.  Next up?  The Finnish pancakes, the cinnamon rolls with a coffee glaze, and the wild rice sunflower seed bread.  And I need to reread the section about baking with Julia Child.

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