Star Tribune: U expert tells how 'design thinking' can solve society's big problems

While he's long been interested in the tangible, physical world around us, Tom Fisher has a new book of essays about "the design of what we cannot see."

Fisher_Designing coverTom Fisher followed in the footsteps of his architect grandfather, sort of.

As an architecture student at Cornell University, he realized that he was more interested in writing than drafting plans for buildings, and his career turned toward urban design, theory, writing and teaching.

Fisher, who grew up in Cleveland and spent the early part of his career in New York, moved to the Twin Cities to become dean of the University of Minnesota College of Design, a job he held for 19 years. In 2015, he became director of the U’s Metropolitan Design Center.

For decades a leading voice in the world of design, Fisher seems to have sat on nearly every committee, commission and advisory board around, including ones that gave input to the new Guthrie Theater, I-35W bridge and U.S. Bank Stadium.

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Published in: Star Tribune
By: Claude Peck