Shepherd Express: The Drink That Made Wisconsin Famous

Review of The Drink That Made Wisconsin Famous by Doug Hoverson

From grain to glass—a complete illustrated history of brewing and breweries in the state more famous for beer than any other

According to Doug Hoverson, it’s The Drink That Made Wisconsin Famous, as he calls his latest book—and he doesn’t mean milk. The Minnesota author must have taken half a lifetime researching his thoroughly documented (and lavishly illustrated) history of Dairy State beer. Topping 700 pages and weighing as much as a brick, the lively tome is nothing less than comprehensive. The Drink That Made Wisconsin Famous covers not just Milwaukee but the entire state, and it spans the centuries from the copper kettles of the early German settlers through today’s burgeoning craft scene with stops on the way for the beer barons and the corporate sludge that nearly killed domestic beer in the 1970s.


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