Scandinavian Crime Fiction: An interview with Vidar Sundstøl

Barbara Fister interviews the author of the Minnesota Trilogy upon publication of its final installment, THE RAVENS.


Sundstol_Ravens coverCan you tell us about yourself and your writing career? How did you come to write the Minnesota Trilogy?

The Minnesota Trilogy started because I met a woman and I liked her and she, for some reason, liked me and she turned out to be American, so I moved to the States. I found myself living in Kentucky. My wife was applying for jobs all across the country. She is a biologist . She applied for jobs with the forest service and got a job offer in the northeast corner of Minnesota on the north shore, Superior National Forest, at the Tofte ranger station. So I ended up among the Norwegian Americans.

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Published in: Scandinavian Crime Fiction
By: Barbara Fister