Respiring Thoughts reviews Frozen

Respiring Thoughts

Casanova_frozen coverMary Casanova’s Frozen is a very unique book. The main themes aren’t anything new to me, but the setting and much of the execution were very different from anything I’ve ever read before. Frozen was definitely a very interesting book.

The story follows Sadie Rose, the daughter of a prostitute who died under mysterious circumstances. She was raised by a US Senator and his wife, who didn’t treat her very well do the fact that she’d lost her voice as a child, among other reasons. When Sadie Rose does regain her voice, she sets out to learn the truth about her mother.

Altogether, I think it was a good story, and Casanova included some nice messages about strength and individuality. I’m not sure if the “mystery” was truly supposed to be mysterious, and it wasn’t really, but the story was engaging and worth reading.

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